Is Harry Connick Jr bald as he shows up in Annie get-up to Macy's 2021 parade?

Darcy Rafter November 25, 2021
Is Harry Connick Jr bald as he shows up in Annie get-up to Macy’s 2021 parade?

Harry Connick Jr. made his first live appearance being bald at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Fans barely recognised the actor without his hair so let’s delve into the truth of whether he’s actually shaved it all off or not.

Harry Connick Jr. is definitely turning heads but it seems all the hair has disappeared from his head; as he sported a brand new look at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Connick is featuring in NBC’s Annie Live with his co-star Celina Smith. They both performed with their crew and castmates at the Thanksgiving Parade in New York City.

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Is Harry Connick Jr bald?

Don’t be fooled, it is just a bald cap and Harry Connick Jr. is not actually hairless.

Harry is starring as Daddy Warbucks in NBC’s upcoming performance of Annie Live! Warbucks is a wealthy lawyer who happens to be bald. It seems Harry hasn’t fully committed to the role and got rid of his luscious locks just yet.

He confirmed that it was a bald cap to reporters in a recent interview, confirming that it was his first time wearing a bald cap.

“I’ve never had a bald cap on. I kept looking at myself. I was blown away. How do you do that? It’s such an art form,” he explained.

The fitting of the bald cap took two hours to get in place and we are not shocked by this because of how realistic it looked. Though it is all fun and games, Connick Jr doesn’t think he’d be able to wear one constantly:

“If this was Broadway and eight times a week, I don’t know if I could put the bald cap on every day. There are people with no hair who are attractive and I don’t think I fall into that group,” he explained. Don’t be too hard on yourself Harry!

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Fans react to Connick Jr wearing Annie get-up to Macy’s 2021 parade

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