Anne Hathaway dialled in to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to let us all know we’ve been saying her name wrong all these years. So now everyone is wondering: How to pronounce Anne Hathaway? Hint: not how you might think. But fear not, we have the answer.

Anne Hathaway lets us know we got her name wrong all these years

Anne Hathaway, 38, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, via video call, of course, due to covid restrictions. She talked about how her full name came to be her stage name at the age of just 14, when she first started acting, and how this decision has haunted her ever since.

She explains that, on set, people don’t feel comfortable calling her Anne, as it feels a bit unnatural. Her co-workers usually call her “Miss H” or “Hath”, but she prefers everyone call her by a different name.

So we’ve been doing it wrong all this time? Well, here’s how to pronounce Anne Hathaway correctly.

How to pronounce Anne Hathaway

On the Tonight Show, Anne explained: “The only person who calls me Anne is my mother, and she only does when she’s really mad at me”. We’ve all been there!

Instead, the actress adds, she says she prefers to be called Annie.

Of course when you say Annie, it’s hard not to think of the iconic Broadway musical and little Annie with her red locks, but Hathaway brings new meaning to the name. Now when anyone says Annie, immediately, it will be hard not to think of Annie Hathaway.

Fans react to Anne Hathaway’s “real name” reveal

The interview was well received by fans on social media. Many people found Annie to sound like a term of endearment, making them feel closer to the actress.

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