How old is Shaun Dixon from Dhar Mann? Child actor’s roles explored

Bruno Cooke November 18, 2022
How old is Shaun Dixon from Dhar Mann? Child actor’s roles explored
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Dhar Mann’s latest episode, titled ‘Kid Won’t Go to Sleep At Night, He Lives To Regret It’ is out, starring child actor Shaun Dixon as Jay (aka ‘Kid’), Shauntè Massard as his mother, Jacob Childress as Sam and Jordan Cann as his brother. 

Dixon has appeared in at least 27 episodes of Dhar Mann, to date, including this one. 

He has a handful of other on-screen credits too, but his work with Dhar Mann Studios, located in Los Angeles, California, is probably his most famous.

How old is the child actor, and what do we know about Shaun Dixon’s on-screen roles besides those written and produced by Dhar Mann?

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Meet Shaun Dixon: Age and career so far of Dhar Mann child actor

Born April 20, 2009, Shaun Dixon’s age at time of writing is 13.

He made his acting debut in 2020 at the age of 10 in the short film Bknott: Sharks And Narcs – it came out before his 11th birthday – meaning Shaun Dixon was a year younger than Ryan Gosling when he made his debut, and two years younger than Natalie Portman when she made hers, in 1994’s Leon.

But Dixon has been busy.

The following year, he played Finn in TV miniseries T-Rex Ranch Dinosaur Adventures and Shaun in Velvet Jesus, plus a handful of episodes of Dhar Mann’s miniseries. 2022 has been even busier, with roles in A Black Lady Sketch Show, The Neighborhood, End Of The Road, Young Dylan and Kid’s Crew.

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How old is Jay compared to Dhar Mann’s other child characters?

Shaun Dixon, age 13 but 12 when he started appearing in Dhar Mann’s web series, has played more than one character, but he most often plays Jay.

The full cast list of all of the episodes of all of the seasons of the Dhar Mann miniseries is incredibly long. Because they tend to be distinct storylines – one doesn’t lead into another – many of them have entirely separate casts lists.

Dhar Mann has been in by far the most episodes, according to IMDB. The database lists him as having been in 263 episodes, as himself. Katherine Norland is next, with 141, then come Riki Yvette Westmoreland and Shauntè Massard with 80 each, and Colin A Borden with 77.

Some of the child actors besides Shaun Dixon to have appeared in a significant number of episodes of Dhar Mann include Ayden Mekus (52 episodes), age 17; Sofia Chicorelli Serna (47 episodes), age 16; Brianni Walker (40 episodes), age 15; and Angelee Vera (31 episodes), age 10.

Who is Shaun Dixon’s on-screen mother? Age and career of Shauntè Massard

Born 1977, Massard is an American television and film actor. 

Like her on-screen son, she’s best known for appearing in the Dhar Mann miniseries. But she started acting professionally in 2014, four years before Mann started producing his shorts.

Her husband is Doc Massard; they regularly feature in each other’s social media posts.

Besides episodes of Dhar Mann, Shauntè Corrina Massard has had roles in Selena: The Series (as Whitney Houston), Step Up: Higher Water (as Vida James) and Unfinished (as Lorena).

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A brand new episode of Dhar Mann’s miniseries premiered overnight

The episode, titled ‘Kid Won’t Go to Sleep At Night, He Lives To Regret It’ uses a familiar formula for Dhar Mann episode names.

It came out, depending on your timezone, either late Thursday evening or early Friday morning (November 17 or November 18, 2022 respectively).

In just four hours, it picked up three quarters of a million views. Dhar Mann has 17.1 million subscribers on YouTube, meaning his videos tend to pick up views quickly.

Find the episode here.

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