How old is IShowSpeed, the Youtuber raking in followers at lightning pace?

Mafalda Costa September 2, 2021
How old is IShowSpeed, the Youtuber raking in followers at lightning pace?

How old is IShowSpeed? On Thursday, 2 September DDG’s sister Tee Tee published a video talking about her meet up with the prodigal Youtuber, leaving fans wondering if the two have begun dating. Join us as we explore IShowSpeed’s real age.

Screenshot of IShowSpeed on Youtube.

Who is IShowSpeed?

Darren Watkins, better known online as Speed (short for IShowSpeed), is an American YouTuber from Ohio.

Speed is known for his gaming and entertainment live streams, and for gaining over 1 million subscribers in a matter of days.

According to Wikitubia, Speed rose to fame after his fanbase began publishing memes about him on TikTok.

The Youtuber first created his account in 2016 and published his first video a year later.

Since the beginning of 2020, Speed has started uploading and doing live streams about NBA 2K games. 

According to Dexerto, IShowSpeed’s recent growth didn’t happen until a TikTok video showed how devastated he was by a trolling fanbase.

The TikTok showed Speed in an angry appeal for his followers to stop unsubscribing – at the time, his subs dropped to under 400,000.

But that reaction has gone in the opposite direction now, as he has gained over a million followers since that TikTok went viral.

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IShowSpeed now sits at 2,4 million subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing.



How old is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed’s age has been a matter of curiosity amongst his viewers.

According to edailybuzz, Speed was born in 2005 – making him 16 years old as of 2021.

Speed has once mentioned that he has a daughter, who sometimes enters his room to tell him goodnight or to interact with him.

The streamer hasn’t shared any details regarding his kid or her mother.

IShowSpeed and Tee Tee meet up

On Thursday, 2 September Youtuber Tee Tee, 17, published a video talking about her meet up with Speed.

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Tee Tee is the sister of DDG, an American rapper and YouTuber.

In the video, Tee Tee talks about her brother walking in on the Youtubers as they were together, creating a commotion.

Following Speed and Tee Tee’s encounter, fans began wondering if the two were in a relationship. “Shipping” accounts have begun to emerge on Instagram.

Many have taken to Twitter to tease DDG, insinuating that Speed and Tee Tee are closer than they’re letting fans know.

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