How long has Tim Pool lived in Frederick, MD? Ye podcast ends abruptly

Bruno Cooke November 30, 2022
How long has Tim Pool lived in Frederick, MD? Ye podcast ends abruptly
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Tim Pool is the host of the Timcast IRL podcast, and Ye, formerly Kanye West, visited his Frederick, MD house on Monday, November 28, 2022, to appear on it.

“Ye is not in Calabasas anymore,” opens the Spectator’s report on how the recording went, published the following day. Which, in a nutshell, is not well.

Ye “stormed out after 20 minutes,” the paper writes. 

Not only that – when the rapper and entrepreneur landed at Frederick Municipal Airport with Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulous, their driver was nowhere to be seen.

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Does commentator and podcaster Tim Pool live in Frederick, MD?

Yes, he does. He was born in Chicago, Illinois but, in 2011, bought a one-way bus ticket to New York.

He was in town to join the Occupy Wall Street protesters on September 20 of that year. The New Yorker wrote a piece about him and his fellow live-streamers “challenging traditional journalism” in 2017.

And his LinkedIn profile identifies New York, New York as his base. For a year, between 2013 and 2014, he worked for Vice Media in Brooklyn; then he spent two years at Fusion, also in New York.

Tim Pool has spent the last nine years running Taggly out of the greater New York City area, and Timcast IRL and Timcast Media operate out of New York City and Washington DC respectively, but Anewstip identifies Frederick, MD as his primary residential location.

He has lived there since 2020.

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How did Kanye West’s visit to Frederick, MD to speak with Tim Pool go?

Pool told The Spectator his interview with Ye was “probably going to be the biggest show I’ve ever done.”

“It’s going to get us in trouble,” he added, “and it opens up a whole bunch of risk. But, like, the entire news cycle over the past week and a half was what is going on with Trump and these guys.” 

So it was worth the risk, he thought. But the meeting got off to a rocky start, it seems. That’s because, when Ye, Yiannopoulous and Fuentes landed at MD’s Frederick Municipal Airport, the driver they expected to pick them up was missing.

The limo company had apparently sent him to Dulles International Airport, which is in Virginia, 40-odd miles south of where they were. A photo soon emerged on social media of Kanye West at a restaurant called Matsutake Sushi & Steak in Frederick, MD, with Fuentes in the background.

What happened next?

“Am I going to make this a wag-of-the-finger moment at them, or are we going to try and understand what’s going on behind the scenes?” Tim Pool told The Spectator’s Amber Athey, on location in Frederick, MD. She was going to sit in on the interview, but Ye requested she remain outside. So, she listened from a control room.

Pool started the conversation by asking Ye about a dinner he had with former president Donald Trump. Ye explained how it was Alex Jones’s producer who had connected him with Yiannopoulos.

Milo had then brought Fuentes aboard. 

“Unfortunately,” runs Athey’s writeup, “it didn’t take long for Ye to launch into a diatribe” about Jewish people, politics and the media. Pool “pushed back respectfully,” she adds, but Ye walked out at around 21 minutes. Afterwards, Athey writes, his mood lifted, and he seemed happier.

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When did Tim Pool buy his remote ‘million-dollar mansion’ house in Frederick, MD?

A Daily Beast article from March 2021 refers to Tim Pool’s house as a “million-dollar mansion in the Maryland woods.”

It has a podcast studio and a skate park, the outlet adds. He reportedly bought the “estate” in 2020. Former business partner Emmy Molli refers to it as a “compound” in the article.

Tim Pool’s house is under the jurisdiction of the Washington County sheriff’s department.

YouTuber Mike Fede uploaded a video in April 2021 – shortly after Pool reportedly purchased the property – titled ‘First Look At Tim Pool’s Compound,’ in which he gives a tour of the house from the point of view of a skater and BMX cyclist.

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