Here's where to buy Joe Burrow's Cartier glasses

Kaitlin Wraight February 1, 2022
Here's where to buy Joe Burrow's Cartier glasses

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is an up-and-coming icon. Not just because of his star football skills that helped his team qualify for the 2022 Super Bowl for the first time since 1988. But because his fashion choices have caught attention on social media.

In particular, the translucent Cartier sunglasses he wore to a press conference that trended on Twitter, which are slowly but surely becoming a staple feature in the reemergence of y2k.

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Bengals player makes fashion headlines

Burrow was dubbed by Style Caster as the “most stylish Ohioan alive”, a title made even more impressive as the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, King Cudi and LeBron James, who are each renowned for their fashion sense, also come from the state.

While it was the Cartier glasses look that stapled him a fashion icon, he continues to grab attention with bold fits. The Bengals Twitter page posted a snap of Burrow exiting an aircraft wearing a Jordan sweatsuit, red duffle bag, and a Dunder Mifflin knit hat.

It was branded Burrow’s “cosiest outfit yet” and, while it caught fans’ attention, the athlete declared in an interview with Evan Washburn it wasn’t a fashion statement, the decision was determined by comfort.

Where to buy Joe Burrow’s Cartier sunglasses

The Cartier sunglasses made their first appearance in a post-game conference where the shades, commonly referred to as “buffs” went viral on social media. When Burrow was asked whether the shades carry any significance, he told “Oh no. I just think they’re pretty cool.”

The glasses were made popular in Detroit, where the term “buff” originates. The brand has labelled the specs its most sought-after product of the season and has “jewellery expertise” embedded in each design.

The glasses are sold by luxury retailers including Cartier, Cettire, The Vintage Trap, and Far Fetch and are usually bought for upwards of $2,500.

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Fans loving Burrow’s fashion

Twitter is imploding with fan reactions to Burrow’s fashion choices.

One user wrote: “Joe Burrow trying fashion is endearing.”

Another tweeted: “Joe Burrow’s fashion sense is so throwback to the late 90s all I listen to is Sandstorm by Darude and I love it.”

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