Who is Hasbulla Magomedov? What age is he? How tall is he? The internet is awash with videos of the young man so, naturally, people want to know more about him and his distinctive appearance.

Who is Hasbulla Magomedov?

So, who is Hasbulla Magomedov? He is a blogger and TikTok star from Makhachkala, Russia.

He was nicknamed Mini Khabib, in reference to fellow Dagestani Khabib Nurmagomedov – the UFC star. Hasbulla started posting TikToks for fun before his fame went through the roof.

He even became friends with Khabib. The fighter, who is perhaps most famous for defeating Conor McGregor, posted a video on his Instagram, revealing he had dinner with Hasbulla.

Hasbulla has, at the time of writing, 240k followers on Instagram, as well as several fan pages set up in his honour. In the Russian republic of Dagestan, he is a celebrity.

Hasbulla fight vs Abdul Razik dubbed ‘unethical and wrong’

Hasbulla Magomedov and Abdu Rozik have garnered more attention than most professional MMA fighters since the video of their press conference went viral.

A fight between the pair was allegedly planned by MMA fighter Asxab Tamaev and although no concrete date has been set, the contest has attracted criticism.

Hasbullah’s apparent competitor, Abdu Rozik, is a social media star from Tajikistan. He also has a growth disorder.

Uliana Podpalnaya, head of the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association, described the fight as “unethical and wrong” in a statement to Gazeta.

Podpalnaya said the show was planned merely to make people laugh and could only be taken seriously if martial arts between those with dwarfism was made a Paralympic sport.

“It’s not like even a show fight – they get paid a lot of money and it’s a show to make people laugh. There is nothing serious about this, this is not a sport. This is unethical, wrong, from my point of view,” she said.

Podpalnaya continued: “It seems to me that only on the one hand it can be correct and beautiful – if martial arts among small people are made a Paralympic sport. It can be judo, karate, and people will understand that this is a serious sport, serious performances, and not some kind of laughing show.”

Hasbulla Magomedov’s age, height and medical condition explored

Hasbullah Magomedov’s small stature and child-like voice have led some people to believe he is a child, when in fact he is an 18-year-old man.

Abdu Rozik, his apparent fight competitor, is 17 and the pair both have similar growth disorders, believed to be GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency), also known as dwarfism.

Dwarfism is generally defined as an adult height of 4ft 10in (147cm) or less. The average adult height among people with dwarfism is 4ft (122cm).

Hasbulla and his competitor are both about 3ft 4in, according to an interview they did, via SportsKeeda. That’s about 1m.

The same publication states Rozik weighs 38lb, which is about 17kg. Hasbulla weighs 16 kilos, which is about 35lb.

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