Haley Pham has pranked her social media following this July over how tall she is.

On Thursday, 22 July 2021, the YouTube star hosted a Q+A on her Instagram Story. In this session, she allowed her 800,000+ Instagram following to submit questions. One of those questions was about her height.

Haley Pham, ever the comedian, decided to respond with a prank, stating she was 4ft 6. This has come as a surprise to many, who thought she was taller. So, how tall is Haley Pham really?

Haley holds up height prank

Haley, 20, continued to hold up the prank that she was 4ft 6in tall. After stating that was her height, she received another follow-up question asking if that was true.

Haley Pham responded “yes,” with a rolling eye emoji.

Although this would indicate that she is telling the truth, Haley is much taller than that height. This can be deduced from her Instagram pictures, where does not appear too much smaller than her husband, Ryan Trahan.

haley pham height
Screenshot: Haley Pham’s Instagram 23/07/2021 – @haleypham

How tall is Haley Pham really?

Haley Pham is reportedly 5ft 4 tall.

As aforementioned, in photos of Haley and Ryan Trahan together, she is not significantly smaller. Ryan is reportedly 5ft 9, which would make him just five inches taller than Haley.

If Haley was, in fact, 4ft 6, then she would be fifteen inches shorter than him. This would be 1 foot and 3 inches shorter, which is not accurate to their height difference represented in pictures.

Although unconfirmed by Haley Pham whether or not her Q+A answer was a prank, it is likely she was joking about her height.

Photo evidence do not suggest she is smaller than 5ft, compared with those in photographs with the YouTube star.

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