What is Griffin Johnson’s age? His date with Kelly Osbourne has left fans of the TikToker with a lot of questions, but most are wondering how old Griffin Johnson is and what would the age gap be if the two were confirmed to be dating.

Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne were spotted at hub for the rich and (Internet) famous, Craig’s in West Hollywood. Although some are speculating that the pair may be dating, an onlooker said that it looked more like a business meeting when describing the encounter to E!.

Kelly Osbourne reacted to the rumour mill by posting a story on her Instagram which simply says, “no comment” – is this confirmation of the relationship or do we have a media troll on our hands?

Kelly Osbourne and Griffin Johnson’s age gap

Although the pairing seems random enough as it is, fans are most confused by the age gap between them. One fan tweeted: “I thought he was a teenager send help”, while another tweeted: “It’s getting weird here.”

For anyone wondering what Twitter is on about, Kelly Osbourne is 35, and Griffin Johnson is 21 – making their age gap 14 years.

Who is Griffin Johnson?

The TikToker, until recently, lived in creator co-living space Sway House. He has over 9m followers on his TikTok @griffinjohnson, where he often does lip syncing and dancing videos – as you’d expect from TikTok.

Johnson’s most recent endeavour is a podcast with sports commentator Bob Menery, called Young and Hung, which gives a look into his influencer lifestyle and discusses pop culture topics.

Johnson’s relationship with Dixie D’Amelio

Other than Kelly Osbourne and Griffin Johnson’s age gap, fans are also talking about the fact it might be the young TikToker’s first date since his split from Dixie D’Amelio.

Dixie D’Amelio, who is now reported to be with Sway House member Noah Beck, was with Johnson until July, when they very publicly split amid cheating claims.

D’Amelio confirmed the break up with a YouTube video she titled ‘My Last Date with Griffin’ – savage!

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