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Gracie Abrams has some very famous parents and Twitter just found out

Shania Wilson February 21, 2022
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Gracie Abrams is making hit after hit, and she’s about to venture on the road for her North America tour.

The singer is only 22 years old but she’s made quite the name for herself following her debut EP in 2020, dropping tracks such as Friend and 21.

If you’re a fan, you probably know pretty much everything there is to know about Abrams – but did you know who her uber-famous parents are?

Twitter users are only just discovering who Gracie calls mom and dad, and they’re losing their minds.

Keep reading to find out.

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Who are Gracie Abrams’ parents?

If, like most of Twitter, you weren’t aware, Gracie is the daughter of filmmaker JJ Abrams and public relations executive Katie McGrath.

Abrams and McGrath have been married for more than two decades, tying the knot in 1996. The couple first welcomed a son, Henry, and then Katie gave birth to Gracie in 1999. The couple also have a third child, August.

Gracie’s father, JJ Abrams, is best known for his work on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Armageddon. Meanwhile, her mother spent much of her career in public relations and even served as aide to late senator Ted Kennedy in Washington, as reported by Heavy.

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Twitter users are only just finding out

It’s public knowledge singer Gracie Abrams is the daughter of JJ Abrams but, given she’s made such a career for herself, some fans are only just finding out:

Of course, the second name is a dead giveaway, but Twitter users were left in shock nonetheless.

One person tweeted: “I love how every month on here people find out who Gracie Abrams’ dad is.”

Others opened a discussion on social media surrounding the children of famous figures, comparing Gracie to the likes of Miley Cyrus, Maude Apatow and Zoey Deutch.

Another fan tweeted: “Indie singer with famous parents checkkk.”

That being said, it’s important to note Gracie Abrams’ famous parents don’t take any of her own credibility away as a successful artist.

Gracie Abrams is going on tour

Want to catch Gracie Abrams on the road? You’re in luck.

The 22 year old is already on tour, and she has just added more North America dates:

For ticket information and other FAQs, visit her official website here. Likewise, Abrams is also taking on the Sour tour with Olivia Rodrigo in April 2022.

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