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George Michael's secret kindness was only revealed after his tragic death

Vicki Newman June 25, 2022
George Michael's secret kindness was only revealed after his tragic death
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

George Michael wasn’t just a talented and iconic singer, he was also an incredibly kind and generous man. But it’s clear that the good deeds he did weren’t about publicity, as no one knew about the depths of his kindness until after his tragic death.

Today (June 25) marks what would have been George’s 59th birthday, but tragically his life was cut short when he was found dead at his home on Christmas day in 2016.

In honour of his special day, let’s take a look back at some of the wonderful things he secretly did to help other people…

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A kind soul

It wasn’t revealed until after his death that George had been secretly making huge donations to children’s charity Childline.

His sizeable donations saw Dame Esther Rantzen, founder and president of the children’s helpline call him “the most extraordinarily generous philanthropist.”

She once told the Press Association: “He was determined not to make his generosity public so no-one outside the charity knew how much he gave to the nation’s most vulnerable children.

“Over the years he gave us millions and we were planning next year, as part of our 30th anniversary celebrations to create, we hoped, a big concert in tribute to him – to his artistry, to his wonderful musicality but also to thank him for the 100s of 1,000s of children he helped through supporting Childline.”

Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images

Helping expand families and so much more

Another act of kindness revealed after George’s death was how he helped two women become mothers.

A woman named Lynette Gillard was so desperate to become a mum after 13 years of trying and eight rounds of failed IVF that she went on Deal Or No Deal in the hope of winning enough cash for another treatment.

George just happened to be watching and contacted Channel 4 to anonymously donate £15,000 to Lynette.

She used the money for another round of IVF, and although it sadly failed, there was enough left over to pay for tests which revealed she had a condition that stopped her staying pregnant.

After getting it under control, she found out she was pregnant on Christmas Day 2016, the same day George sadly passed away.

Her son Seth Logan George Hart was born the following September.

Lynette only found out that it was George who had donated the money after Richard Osman, who was a producer on Deal Or No Deal, tweeted after it.

She said she had always wondered who was behind the donation.

Another woman named Jo Maidment appeared on This Morning in 2010 to talk about how she was denied IVF through the NHS.

George donated £15,000 for her treatment, and when she tragically suffered a miscarriage, he sent flowers.

Another frozen egg kept from her IVF cycle resulted in the birth of her daughter Betsy.

George carried out many other acts of kindness throughout his life, donating £99,000 to an African charity helping people with AIDS after hearing about it on another episode of Deal Or No Deal, and even giving a cheque for £25,000 to a strange woman after overhearing her talk about her debts in a cafe.

The Day The Music Died: American Pie | Official Trailer | Paramount+

The Day The Music Died: American Pie | Official Trailer | Paramount+

George’s loving and generous nature may have been well known to those close to him, but all these acts were kept a secret until his death.

It was only after he passed away that people began sharing their stories about how George changed their lives for the better.

From making big donations to charities to generously tipping barmaids he knew were struggling with student debt and working at a homeless shelter, no problem was too big – or too small – for kind-hearted George.

He really did have a heart of gold.

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