George Clooney and Richard Kind used to be flatmates - but it was absolute chaos

Ashley Bautista October 16, 2022
George Clooney and Richard Kind used to be flatmates - but it was absolute chaos

Before George Clooney became the worldwide Hollywood star that he is today, he used to share an apartment with Richard Kind – and he loved to play pranks on him.

If you thought there couldn’t be a better best friend duo, George Clooney and Richard Kind were one to watch.

Breaking up with his then-girlfriend, Richard agreed to share a one-bedroom apartment with Clooney before becoming a Hollywood star, the Daily Mail reported.

Admitting to being bored at Kind’s house in between auditions, the actor decided to play pranks on his friend. This resulted in the two getting back at each other every time one bested the other.

Gifting a ‘horrible’ painting made by himself

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On the day of Richard’s birthday, George wasn’t going to stop himself from pulling another prank. Telling his friend he had enrolled in an art class, the British actor returned home with a trash bin painting signed by himself.

“I told Richard, ‘I’ve done a lot of paintings, but this is the first one my art teacher is really proud of,” Clooney explained.

“And he had to hang it on the wall… I left it for about six years before I told him.”

George also said that his friend confessed to having “hated that painting”.

A Kitty litter story

Richard has a special relationship with his cat. In between auditions, George would then be taking care of the pet and his litter box. He then decided to pull his most legendary prank and later shared it on the Smartless podcast.

Every time the little Kitty would go to the litter box to do its business, the actor would clean it and flush it down the toilet. As it’s normally a task that his friend does coming back from work, Richard began to get worried about his beloved pet – and of course, Clooney would pretend not to know anything.

Taking him to the vet, the cat was prescribed Metamucil, and “so now the little kitty is s****** 15 times a day, and I’m scooping it all up because I have nothing else to do”.

However, Kind doesn’t know that his friend had been cleaning up his cat’s litter tray, and thinks his pet still hasn’t popped because he insisted on having never cleaned the litter box.

The prank continued until George decided to end it by using the cat’s tray himself… Yes, you read that right.

Turning Richard’s bed into a casino

The king of the pranks, George, needed some assistance and co-star Julia Roberts lent a helping hand. This is how their own friendship blossomed to survive the decades.

Staying at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino with the cast of Ocean’s 11, the two actors recalled on playing a joke on the actor while he was asleep. Sharing the anecdote with Jimmy Kimmel, George explained the funny scenario.

Julia Roberts shared: “Whilst we’re all kind of chatting, we’re having a little cocktail party around him in his [email protected]

“We take the cot, and we wheel it up into the middle of the casino and leave him there,” George explained. “There were a lot of like, old ladies with that thing. Like, ‘What the hell is that guy?”

Never be the first one to fall asleep during a party or pay the consequences.

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