General Hospital's Tyler Christopher reconnects with dad after bearing soul on brain injury

Ashley Bautista April 13, 2022
General Hospital's Tyler Christopher reconnects with dad after bearing soul on brain injury


Tyler Christopher spoke about his brain injury and recently shared a photo after he reunited with his father. The General Hospital star opened up on Maurice Bernard’s State of Mind last month.

He spoke about tough times when the star battled alcohol addiction among other health issues on the program.

The actor is known for his time on General Hospital until 2016 when his character Nikolas Cassadine left the show.

Tyler Christopher discussing his brain injury has been praised by fans.

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GH’S Tyler Christopher’s “highlight of my weekend” with his father

Tyler recently shared a photo alongside his father Jim Barker after the two had spent a weekend together.

The caption reads:

Having coffee with my father was a highlight of my weekend. I had not seen my father since leaving Ohio last June and we hadn’t really talked since my @mbstateofmind interview. He, and his wife Sandy, welcomed me with open arms and a hot cup of coffee. Hard to explain how much that meant to me but it set the tone for what turned out to be a wonderful weekend of growth.

His fans, excited by their reunion, left messages to the actor on the post.

One fan wrote: “It is clear how happy you both are to be together! What a blessing.”

“So happy for you Tyler. Glad you and your dad could reconnect. God is good!!! Keep going, bro,” commented another fan.

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The reason why Tyler lost contact with his father

As per Tyler’s caption, he spoke with Maurice Bernard on his State Of Mind series two weeks ago.

The tell-all interview with Maurice Bernard revealed that his addiction to alcohol did affect his relationship with his family.

The actor said: “I am quickly learning, realizing how I could mess this up.”

Unfortunately, not only his relationship with his father had deteriorated but also his relationship with his children, whom he only sees twice a month. But things are looking bright for the star.

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Tyler opens up about his struggles and injury

In the interview with Maurice Bernard, the actor talked about his addictions, fatherhood, and his bipolar disorder,

Tyler also touched down on his traumatic experience after suffering a brain injury.

While the actor was taking a shower, he fell and hit his head. As he explained, his skull “exploded” and suffered a deep cut where the blood built upon his brain.

Speaking about his brain injury causing his addiction to alcohol, he revealed: “It killed me. It is what caused my fall.”

Candid about his situation and being on the verge of death three times, Tyler spent 30 days in the ICU and another three months in rehab. He explained that it was during the withdrawal from alcohol when he fell.

However, the actor is finding himself in a better place; seeking the right medical advice as he is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Tyler is also writing a book about his life where he hopes to help others with alcohol addiction and bipolar disorder.

To watch the full episode, click here.

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