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Instagram: Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson drama and fallout explained

Bruno Cooke December 4, 2020
Instagram: Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson drama and fallout explained

Drama unfolded yesterday when old photos re-appeared on Garrett Watts’s Instagram with captions taking a swipe at Shane Dawson. How did Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson react? Have they addressed the drama?

Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson: Instagram drama

Photos re-emerged on Garrett Watts’s Instagram feed yesterday showing him with friend and fellow YouTuber, Shane Dawson. 

One photo features the pair posing in a Photo Booth-style collage, while another shows them hanging out with The Simpsons’ Krusty the Klown at Universal Studios Hollywood.

But the captions were changed to feature disparaging comments about Dawson. One described Shane as an “actual piece of garbage”, while another called him a “crusty clown”.

Watts and Dawson have had beef in the past. Have these new Instagram posts have reignited the drama?

Garrett Watts says his account was hacked

According to one YouTuber commentator’s summary of the day’s events, some fans and followers thought Garrett Watts was trying to “throw shade” at Shane Dawson. Others thought the posts were evidence of a rekindled friendship.

However, Garrett has since taken to Instagram to address the drama. In a an Instagram Story, Garrett said: “If you have received a wierd [sic] message from me or see anything else wierd via my insagram [sic] in the past 9 hours or so plz disreguard [sic]”.

Garrett blames the photos and disparaging comments about Shane on hackers trying to “stir the pot”.

Has Shane Dawson reacted to Watts’s post?

Shane Dawson hasn’t posted a new video to his YouTube account for five months. Likewise, his Twitter feed hasn’t seen any changes since 27 June, and his last Instagram post was 23 weeks ago.

According to users posting in the subbredit r/ShaneDawson, however, the YouTuber has been deleting previous videos.

One user suggested this could mean he is preparing for a comeback. 

However, Dawson has yet to publicly comment on Garrett Watts’s Instagram mishap.

Meanwhile, Garrett Watts is back with a new “Sweet Boys” podcast, featuring Andrew Siwicki.

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