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Gad Saad's wife intrigues listeners as JRE guest shares marriage 'secret'

Shania Wilson May 12, 2022
Credit: JRE.

Marketing professor and psychology expert Gad Saad took to the microphone on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast this week and listeners noticed he couldn’t stop gushing about his wife.

Saad and Rogan talked all things weight loss and marital commitment, going on to discuss the ongoing Depp-Heard court case, but the psychologist seemingly couldn’t help but sprinkle sporadic anecdotes about his wife into the conversation.

Here’s everything we know about Gad Saad’s wife.

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Credit: JRE Spotify.

What we know about Gad Saad’s wife

Psychology expert Gad Saad has never revealed too much about his wife to the public, but he got pretty candid about his marriage when talking to podcaster Joe Rogan.

Saad and Rogan started off by talking about the ongoing Depp-Heard defamation case, discussing the power dynamic in the relationship between the actors. Conversation swiftly moved on to Saad’s own relationship with his wife and he told Rogan he had been married 23 years but his partner had never triggered a “jealousy response” from him.

“I’ve been married to my wife for 23 years. I hope you’d agree she’s a beautiful woman, it’s weird she would pick this guy. That’s maybe my biggest compliment,” he started.

“She’s never once, that I can remember, triggered a jealousy response from me.”

The professor went on to share more about his relationship, claiming the couple had cracked “the code” as far as jealousy is concerned. “Even the most secure of people can be jealous but it’s because she has those wonderful qualities. We both know the code, we never try to test each other’s love by triggering each other’s jealousy.”

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Psychology expert shares the ‘secret’ to marriage

Later on in the podcast, Gad Saad went on to tell an anecdote about him and his wife, revealing the ‘secret’ behind their happy marriage.

“I always go for long walks with my wife in the morning. One day we were stopped by one of my daughter’s friends’ father. He’s a photographer, he says, ‘Do you mind if I ask you a question? How do you do it?’

“I said ‘Do what?’ (and he asks) ‘Every single day I see you walking arm in arm with your wife and you’re kind of lost in conversation, you’re both very serene and happy.’

“I don’t have a recipe, I really just enjoy her company. She’s my best friend. It sounds cliché but that’s what it is. I’d rather be with my wife than anyone else on most days. If you do find that person, hang on tight.”

The psychology expert also warned the ‘opposites attract’ narrative only works for short-term success. “For long term, you want birds of a feather flock together – shared values. If you don’t have that in common, the stats of you likely divorcing shoots through the roof.”

JRE listeners notice Gad Saad gushing over his wife

Gad Saad’s talk about his wife didn’t go unnoticed, and some intrigued listeners took to Twitter to react to his anecdotes.

“First two minutes of #JoeRoganExperience with Gad Saad and he’s talking about his wife for hours,” one person tweeted.

“Gad sure likes talking about his wife,” another wrote.

“Wow, congrats on your wife,” somebody else added.

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