No, Fwc Big Key is not dead - social media hoax about rapper debunked!

Filiz Mustafa March 5, 2021

Fwc Big Key is not dead. A false rumour circulated on social media claiming that the rapper has died.

Social media is a place that brings people together but it could also become a place of misinformation as many celebrities become the victims of cruel rumours and death hoaxes on a regular basis.

Detroit rapper Fwc Big Key has become the victim of a false internet hoax claiming that he has died.

Here’s the social media hoax debunked.

Rapper Kwc Big Key, Coney Production, YouTube

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Hoax about Fwc Big Key debunked

The rumours about Fwc Big Key are false – the rapper is alive and doing well.

The reason that many fans started searching about the rapper is a false story on Channel 22 News claiming that he has died. The website is actually designed for users to create pranks, but many of the rapper’s fans were left worried over the fake report.

Fwc Big Key has posted on Instagram just yesterday (March 4th) and in his Story, he revealed that he would be dropping a deluxe soon.

“I’m still going to make sure I drop that deluxe for yall,” the rapper promised his fans.

Who is Fwc Big Key?

Fwc Big Key is a rapper and hip hop artist based in Detroit. His music videos are filmed and shared by Coney Production on their official YouTube channel.

He is one of the production company’s most popular stars as he gets hundreds of thousands of views per video.

On Spotify, Fwc Big Key has just over 25,000 monthly listeners.

Indify has reported that his 12-song tape, which he released in February this year, has led to a spike in daily streams from 5k to 18k, amassing millions of views on YouTube.

Fwc Big Key: Instagram

If you want to follow the rapper on social media, you can do that from his personal Instagram profile @bigmoney.bigkey.

Even though he hasn’t shared any posts at the time of writing, Fwc Big Key shares on his Stories from time to time.

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