Freddie Mercury almost formed a supergroup with Elton John and Rod Stewart

Ashley Bautista September 5, 2022
Freddie Mercury almost formed a supergroup with Elton John and Rod Stewart


Worldwide icon Freddie Mercury became one of the greatest singers in the history of rock music. As the lead vocalist of Queen, he almost formed a supergroup with Britain’s successful musicians Elton John and Rod Stewart.

Three of the most powerful voices almost came together, and it would have been explosive, according to Rudi Dolezal. The idea of ​​creating the supergroup was discussed during a night out at one of the singer’s parties at his home in Kensington.

Today would’ve marked Freddie’s 76th birthday. Find out more about the time when Britain’s biggest names in the music industry, Elton John and Rod Stewart almost joined forces with Freddie Mercury.

Nose, Teeth & Hair

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As per the New York Post, Dolezal, an Australian filmmaker, had a close relationship with Freddie, and also made several documentaries about him. He revealed the three almost formed a supergroup based on their respective physical attributes.

Rod, Freddie, and Elton almost formed a group called Nose, Teeth & Hair. However, Rod and Freddie did not want to sing with each other. Despite Elton’s encouragement, what would have been a supergroup never formed.

Dolezal said at the time: “Freddie invited me to his private functions often, and, at one dinner party, the guests included Rod Stewart and Elton John.”

He explained: “I remember there was a lot of b****ing about other artists and about themselves. I think Rod came up with the idea of forming a group called Nose, Teeth & Hair because Rod had a big nose, Elton had problems with his hair and Freddie had his teeth.”

In 2012, Rod explained more about the concept of the band in his autobiography. The 77-year-old singer-songwriter said the trio would “appear dressed like the Beverly sisters”, but it was Britain’s version of the Andrews Sisters.

Freddie’s teeth became a sensation

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Mercury had more teeth than the average singer. He was born with four extra incisors, also referred to as mesiodens or supernumerary teeth. With four extra teeth in the back, it pushed those at the front forward. He was bullied for it and was given the nickname ‘Bucky’. Still, he refused to fix them for fear it would affect his singing.

Nonetheless, his smile made him more memorable and distinctive smile. Still, he almost did not make it to Queen. Brian May feared that his smile would affect their image and popularity.

Throughout his career, Mercury became a global icon for his outstanding voice and outgoing character. Not only as a member of Queen but also as a single songwriter.

Elton John’s close friendship until his death

The friendship between Elton and Freddie began during the time Queen was storming the charts, writes Showbiz CheatSheet.

Over the years, Freddie and Elton maintained their close relationship until the day he died. According to Daily Record, Elton named Freddie as the person who saved his life during his fight against drug addiction.

In 1991, Freddie announced he had been diagnosed with AIDS, leaving his good friend Elton “devastated”. A day later, on November 24, he died following complications related to the disease.

Freddie didn’t reveal much about his illness. Not wanting it to interfere with his musical career, he continued to record with Queen. He was posthumously credited on the band’s final album in 1995, Made In Heaven.

After his death, Elton received a touching Christmas gift the Queen frontman had left for him. It was a painting by British Impressionist artist Henry Scott Tuke. Freddie knew he had been collecting his work, and it moved Elton to tears.

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