Fans curious who SZA’s ex is after SOS serves scorching roasts

Bruno Cooke December 9, 2022
Fans curious who SZA’s ex is after SOS serves scorching roasts
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SZA, real name Solána Imani Rowe, released her second studio album SOS on December 9, 2022, the tracks of which refer not infrequently to her ex, or exes. 

“Woe to her trifling exes,” reads part of Pitchfork’s review of the album. It records the lyric: “I might kill my ex / Not the best idea.”

She has spoken (or typed) publicly about her past relationships in the past, but public interest in SZA’s ex(es) has reached fever pitch following SOS’s release.

What do we know about who her “ex” could be, and how have fans responded to the album?

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Fans curious about who SZA’s ex is after SOS’s Kill Bill serves red hot roast

Numerous SZA fans have taken to Twitter following the release of the rapper’s second studio album SOS, with questions regarding who her ex is, and what they did to deserve her ire.

“Whoever is SZA’s ex,” one tweeted, “[what] did you do to be killed and smoked off?”

Others have posted images, gifs and/or video clips that somehow depict their interpretation of the lyrics from SZA’s new album, specifically of the track Kill Bill.

Fans like the album. Several have tweeted simple “thank you” messages to her. Some of which have received tens of thousands of likes and retweets. 

Has SZA talked about her previous romantic partners before?

In July 2020, Kiss 95.1 FM published an article about SZA having tweeted about an occasion on which she claims to have caught her ex sleeping with someone she knew.

“I checked every single room in the house,” she wrote, “and they were in the last one, haha, oh my god.”

“What’s sick is she invited me to the party,” she added. “Everybody thinks they become donkey kong in that situation but I really just said, ‘oop sorry!’ And closed the door real fast.”

She walked all the way home alone, she concluded her story, and cried. Fans responded by recommending she write about it. Which, incidentally, appears to be what has happened.

Unpacking the lyrics of Kill Bill

SZA’s track Kill Bill takes its name from a Quentin Tarantino movie about a woman seeking revenge. She assassinates several people, including, ultimately, the titular Bill.

Capital Xtra’s take on the lyrics of the track is that it depicts SZA feeling “resentful towards her ex boyfriend now he has moved on and found a new relationship.”

Taken at face value, the line “I might kill my ex, I still love him though” is about SZA’s desire to take revenge on her former partner being in conflict with latent feelings she has for him. 

There’s a crossover here, with the plot of Tarantino’s film. Its protagonist is a female assassin whose primary target is her former lover.

Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Spotify

Who has SZA dated in the past? Who could her ‘ex’ be?

Who’s Dated Who lists three past romantic relationships who SZA could in theory be referring to in her lyrics about her “ex.”

Rumors have connected her to Kehlani, Drake and Scott Sasso. People reported in October 2020 she had confirmed and she and Drake dated in 2009 – despite having mentioned the year 2008 in a song lyric. 

Reports have emerged in the past of SZA and Kehlani’s public displays of affection, although rumors that they ever dated actually appear to be unsubstantiated. 

And finally, “it is rumored that SZA has dated Scott Sasso,” Cheatsheet wrote in December 2020. “But SZA never went into detail about the relationship.”

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