Exploring White House correspondent Eugene Daniels' best nail polish looks

Daniel Munro August 16, 2022
Exploring White House correspondent Eugene Daniels' best nail polish looks
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We compile some of the best responses to White House correspondent Eugene Daniels’ extensive nail polish looks and explore the various colors the political journalist has chosen.

As a well-respected author and political commentator, Eugene Daniels certainly isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Moreover, as many fans have noticed over the years, Daniels also isn’t afraid to express himself as he sees fit.

Daniels can regularly be seen on live TV rocking all sorts of shades of nail polish, so we’ve put together some of his best nail polish looks and shone a light on Daniels’ explanation of why he chooses to paint his nails.

Fans can’t get enough of Eugene Daniels’ nail polish

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In Daniels’ Instagram bio, he describes himself as a “playbook author, White House correspondent, MSNBC analyst and walking Beyoncé encyclopedia.”

The self-confident approach Daniels takes to social media is also reflected in his day job. Daniels can often be seen sporting an assortment of brightly colored nail polish.

Twitter users have long since clocked Daniels’ nails, and they can’t get enough.

“Eugene Daniels reporting on MSNBC with pink nails is a mood. Love him so much,” wrote one fan in July.

And in April, another user expressed how important it was Daniels proudly rocked the nail polish: “Eugene Daniels is so wonderful on MSNBC. Has actual nail polish on at location today! This seems like a minor thing but it’s really huge as well. Small steps or large lead to the same place of tolerance and acceptance.”

Daniels’ best Insta nail polish looks

Daniels’ Instagram features an array of outfit posts, cute couple pictures with fiancé Nate Stephens, and some strong nail polish content.

First up, we have a rainbow look from the Washington DC Pride celebrations in June 2021 (don’t forget to scroll across):

As Daniels celebrated his engagement to Stephens, he opted for a classy pinky/red look:

And as Daniels united with MSNC’s Ari Melber to tell his followers exactly what working in the White House is like, he couldn’t help but flex his sky blue chrome nails he’d gone for that day:

Daniels explains why he’s not afraid to show off his true style

Speaking to Advocate Magazine in July 2021, Daniels explained why he wears nail polish.

He said: “First of all, I don’t wear nail polish as a statement. That’s just part of who I am, just like having expertise in the field of politics and journalism.

“Nail polish doesn’t negate the fact that I can write and talk about infrastructure, voting rights, and Russia, for example.”

Daniels also spoke of the importance of representation. He added: “For me, it’s huge to hear from parents who say their son has never seen a black man with an afro on TV before.

“Or from parents of queer kids who tell me I’m a great example to them because I’m smart and wear nail polish.”

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