Everleigh LaBrant's bio dad Tommy Smith's death shocks LaBrant Fam fans

Alexandra Ciufudean September 14, 2022
Everleigh LaBrant's bio dad Tommy Smith's death shocks LaBrant Fam fans


Fans of popular YouTubers the LaBrant family woke up to tragic news on Tuesday as they learnt Everleigh, the LaBrants’ eldest daughter, just lost her dad.

Tommy Smith’s death was confirmed by his partner, Courtney, and his sister, Amber, via social media. He was 29 years old.

Though Smith had split from Everleigh’s mother, Savannah LaBrant, he still played an active role in his daughter’s life.

As LaBrant Fam fans mourn Everleigh’s dad, here’s what we know so far about Smith’s death and his relationship to the YouTuber family.

Tommy Smith shares bowling video on Instagram. Screenshot via Smith’s Instagram

Who is Everleigh LaBrant’s dad, Tommy Smith?

At the time of his death, Thomas Walter “Tommy” Smith was 29 and living in California, where he worked for architecture and design firm Khandroo Designs.

He was dating longtime girlfriend, Courtney Santaella.

Smith’s social media presence painted a wholesome picture of Smith’s life as a devoted dad and a lover of the outdoors with a bit of a wild streak that his friends joked his daughter Everleigh had inherited. Despite having long split with her mom, Smith was still a constant presence in his daughter’s life.

Before starting her career as a YouTuber and influencer, Everleigh’s mother, Savannah LaBrant, was a teen mom coping with relationship trouble.

Savannah and Tommy began dating as teenagers and at the age of 19, Savannah learned she was pregnant. However, their relationship was a tumultuous one and a baby on the way didn’t seem to change that.

In a 2018 interview with People Magazine, Savannah talked about that period of her life. “Not choosing the right guy and also just being cheated on by [my] boyfriend, I think it helped me understand how hurt my mom was [when she was] cheated on.”

After his split from Savannah, Smith stayed in his daughter Everleigh’s life and he frequently shared photos of milestones and quality time spent together on his social media.

LaBrant Fam fans mourn Everleigh’s dad

Tommy’s death was confirmed by his sister, Amber Smith, in a moving Facebook post shared on Tuesday, September 13th. “Thomas Walter Smith, Tommy, Tom Tom, Tsizzle, TsizzledaddyO, Brother gained his wings unexpectedly,” her message read.

“His love of living life to the absolute fullest along with his free spirit will be missed immensely,” Tommy’s sister added.

The Smith family have not shared Tommy’s cause of death as of yet.

His girlfriend, Courtney, shared a heartbreaking tribute on Instagram, thanking Smith for the positive influence he had on her life. “I would not be the woman I am today without you,” she wrote. “You taught me so much and I am forever thankful that you came into my life and that we were able to make so many amazing memories together. “

Fans of the LaBrants’ YouTube channel chimed in across social media, sending the family their condolences. Most messages especially focussed on Everleigh’s loss.

“Poor Everleigh, that is so tragic,” one fan wrote on a subreddit dedicated to the LaBrant Fam YouTube channel.

“I hope that Everleigh maintains contact with her family on that side and is given the space to grieve privately. It seems like in recent years she has spent more time with him, which I am glad she was able to do,” read another comment.

Everleigh LaBrant had ‘two dads’

The LaBrant Fam YouTube brand (originally Cole&Sav) kicked off in 2016, when YouTuber Cole LaBrant introduced fans to his then-girlfriend, Savannah. The couple tied the knot two years later and in 2018 welcomed their first child together, Posie Rayne.

The LaBrants now have four children – Everleigh, Posie Rayne, Zealand Cole and Sunday Savannah – and a booming YouTube channel with more than 13 million subscribers.

On being a step-dad, Savannah’s current husband, Cole LaBrant, told People in 2018 he would “never want to take the spot of [Everleigh’s] real dad. She definitely knows she has two dads who love her so much.”

The influencer couple have been open that Cole is not Everleigh’s biological dad and filmed a number of sit-down videos talking about their combined family. Although Tommy Smith didn’t appear in the LaBrants’ videos, he often shared photos of quality time spent with his daughter away from YouTube.

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