Why are Emma Watson fans saying 'teamo' on Twitter? Meaning explained

Jane Corscadden May 18, 2021
Why are Emma Watson fans saying 'teamo' on Twitter? Meaning explained
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Why are Emma Watson fans saying ‘teamo’ on Twitter? The actress tweeted yesterday for the first time since August, and fans have been showing their support for her by flooding her replies with ‘teamo.’

But what does ‘teamo’ mean in English, and why are fans saying it now?

Emma Watson breaks her Twitter silence

Emma Watson reappeared on Twitter yesterday for the first time since August to respond to rumours about her professional and personal life. She addressed rumours that her career is “dormant” and that she is engaged to Leo Robinton, who she had first been linked to in 2019.

Both rumours had been spreading for a number of months. For the first rumour, in February her manager, Jason Weinberg, told the Evening Standard: “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant, but her career isn’t.”

She responded to both rumours on Twitter:

To this, she added: “If I have news – I promise I’ll share it with you.” Emma Watson also explained that no news from her means she’s quietly spending the pandemic the same way as most people.

What is the meaning behind Emma Watson fans saying ‘teamo’?

In response to this series of tweets, many fans started replying with ‘teamo.’ But what does this word mean in English?

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In both Portuguese and Spanish, ‘te amo’ means ‘I love you.’ Therefore, in this instance, fans are replying to Emma Watson with ‘teamo’ – usually spelled out in the shape of massive hearts – in order to let her know that they’re supporting her.

However, this has confused many people on Twitter who may not know what ‘teamo’ – or ‘te amo’ – means:

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