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Who is Elodie Grace Orkin? Age and career of Stranger Things actress

Bruno Cooke May 27, 2022
elodie grace orkin age


Elodie Grace Orkin plays Angela, Eleven’s nemesis, in season 4 of Stranger Things – what other movies and TV shows has she been in, and what is her age at the time of Stranger Things’ release?


Meet actress Elodie Grace Orkin: Age and career so far

Born 10 June 2004, Orkin is currently 17 years old. But she’ll turn 18 soon – not long before the release of Stranger Things season 4 part 2.

Her young age hasn’t held her back: besides landing a role in one of the biggest TV series of the century, Elodie Grace Orkin has graced the small screen a few times before.

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Stranger Things 4 | Volume 1 Final Trailer | Netflix

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 1 Final Trailer | Netflix

You might recognise her from BratTV series Stage Fright, which came out in 2020.

Orkin played Kyle in six of the show’s eight episodes, starring alongside Pressley Hosbach, Sophie Michelle, Tahani Anderson, Skyler Guthrie, Kimberly Girkin and Adam Leiva. 

She also played Penny in one episode of We Hunt Together (2020) and a young Charlie in Pencil Town (2021; original title: Saving Paradise). 

Who does Elodie Grace Orkin play in Stranger Things? Meet Eleven’s nemesis

Angela is a student at Lenora Hills High School. She and her friends regularly intimidate and bully Eleven both in and out of class.

Her Fandom page calls her “the stereotypical queen bee”. She’s “out to bully and demean anyone not on her level”.

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Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Netflix

When the few scant details of Stranger Things’ fourth outing first started to emerge in early 2020, Murphy’s Multiverse pinned Angela and her boyfriend Jake as the “power couple” of the school.

As we know, however, anyone who messes with Eleven lives to regret it. And Angela is no exception. When Angela and her friends target Eleven at Rink-O-Mania – they dump milkshake on her head – Eleven retaliates.

What happens next involves a skate, some blood and lots of tears. 

Who plays Angela’s boyfriend Jake?

In the series, Angela is 14-15, per Fandom. That means there’s a 2-3 year age difference between Elodie Grace Orkin and her character. 

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Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage

That’s a significantly smaller age difference than the one between fellow student Jason Carver and the actor who plays him – Mason Dye is 27 years old.

Angela is dating Jake, played by Logan Allen. Incidentally, Logan and Elodie Grace Orkin are almost exactly the same age – born 17 July 2004 and 10 June 2004 respectively, only five weeks separate them.

Allen is from West Palm Beach, Florida. He’s the second of four children, and started acting on-screen as a 10-year-old, in 2014.

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