A video of a woman named Elizabeth who marched on the Capitol on Wednesday 6 January saying ‘it’s a revolution’ has been making the rounds on Twitter. How did the Internet react?

On Wednesday 6 January, pro Trump supporters marched on the capitol building in Washington where congress was set to confirm the election of President Joe Biden.

Some of the protesters made their way past security and stormed the Capitol building. One of them, a woman named Ashli Babbitt, was shot by police and later died from her injuries.

A protester named Elizabeth: “It’s a revolution!”

Earlier today, 7 January, a video emerged online of a protester who identifies herself as Elizabeth from Knoxville, Tennessee, taken during yesterday’s Capitol siege. In the video, Elizabeth describes how she tried to, in her own words, “storm the Capitol” before being maced by police.

When the interviewer asks her why she would do such a thing, Elizabeth says, “it’s a revolution!” between sobs and painful dabs at her face.

The video was uploaded by Australian CNN correspondent Michael Holmes and captioned “Elizabeth wasn’t happy with her treatment at the revolution.”

The clip has already amassed over a million views, with many of the comments seemingly mocking the Trump supporter.

Meanwhile, others didn’t quite know what to make of the whole spectacle, with another user writing: “Hard to know whether to laugh or cry at this”.

Other users were less ambiguous with their mockery, with one writing: “She should as to speak to the revolution manager.”

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