Does Zendaya smoke? Malcolm & Marie viewers react to cigarette scenes

Eve Edwards February 6, 2021

Emmy-winning actress Zendaya can be seen smoking in Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie but does Zendaya smoke in real life?

Zendaya, 24, stars opposite John David Washington in the movie which released to Netflix on 5 February 2021. It is written and directed by Sam Levinson, the creator of HBO’s Euphoria, the show which earned Zendaya her Emmy in 2020.

Since the release of Malcolm & Marie, viewers have questioned whether Zendaya really smokes. Her eponymous character ‘Marie’ is seen smoking heavily throughout the film. But does Zendaya smoke?

Screenshot: Zendaya as Marie in Malcolm & Marie – Netflix

Malcolm & Marie viewers react to smoking scenes

In Sam Levinson’s movie, Zendaya’s character is a heavy smoker. It didn’t take long for viewers to react to this character point.

One Malcolm & Marie viewer tweeted: “Why zendaya character always gotta smoke cigarettes”

Another added: “Watching you smoke a cig hurt me but you look so damn beautiful in this film @Zendaya”

This is not the first instance where Zendaya’s personal life has been questioned following a character portrayal. Viewers of the dark teen drama Euphoria wondered whether Zendaya was a real smoker.

Does Zendaya smoke?

No. Zendaya has never been caught smoking in real life and it is likely that she smokes fake cigarettes in Malcolm & Marie.

For actors required to smoke in film and television, the cigarettes are not made of tobacco. They are often herbal cigarettes.

One Reddit user claims that Zendaya once explained the cigarettes were fake in an interview.