Does Mr Beast support Trump in the upcoming presidential election? The popular YouTuber and creator of Team Trees has become famous for his acts of philanthropy. But a recent tweet placed him in a swirl of speculation. Who does Mr Beast support in the 2020 US presidential election?

What are Mr Beast’s political views?

In a tweet posted on 30 September prompted by an election debate, Mr Beast commented on the divisions in American society. This led him to reveal he is considering running for president himself at some point in the future. It has also led some fans to wonder who Mr Beast supports in the upcoming November election.

Although the veracity of the claim may be questionable – he later added, “Let’s just give everyone $1,000,000. That should fix most of our problems!” – it has resulted in some Twitter speculation among fans. What are Mr Beast’s political views?

Mr Beast’s acts of kindness

Mr Beast has a track record of giving away thousands of dollars to people in need – in unusual ways. He once tipped waitresses with actual gold bars and bought a house for a helpful pizza delivery courier.

Who does Mr Beast support? The answer, it would appear, is ordinary people. As stated in his Twitter bio, his goal is simply to “make the world a better place”.

He has allegedly donated more than $500,000 to various people. His recipients have included an Uber driver, random people in parking lots and Twitch streamers. 

So, does Mr Beast support Trump?

Mr Beast has never stated his political affiliation in public. However, his acts of kindness – giving some of his wealth to the poor – indicate he may be in favour of some form of wealth distribution. Still, there’s no evidence to suggest he thinks this should come in the form of government regulation.

Nevertheless, his followers have been keen to speculate.

As summed up by one particular Twitter user, following someone on a social media platform does not equate to a political endorsement. So even if Mr Beast does follow Trump on Twitter, that doesn’t automatically mean the YouTuber supports him.

Additionally, there isn’t necessarily a correlation between a public figure’s endorsements and the views of their followers. 

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