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Does Mr Beast have Crohn's disease? Fans worry for his health

Yasmine Leung December 21, 2021
Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles, California - November 1, 2021

Fans are asking whether the online influencer suffers from Crohn’s disease. Here’s everything we know about the YouTuber’s current health.

While it’s true Mr Beast wants to improve the world, as written in his Twitter bio, is his condition also true? and if so, how does it affect his day to day life?

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I am Georgina | Date Announcement Trailer | Netflix

I am Georgina | Date Announcement Trailer | Netflix

Does Mr Beast have Crohn’s disease?

Yes, the 23-year-old does have Crohn’s disease.

The condition is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation in the digestive tract. It can affect any part of the digestive tract, which runs from the mouth to the anus. It generally affects the beginning of the large intestine and the small intestine.

Symptoms include diarrhoea, cramps and pain in the abdomen.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for Crohn’s, although medicines can be taken to decrease the inflammation as well as a restrictive diet that avoids things like carbonated drinks and high-fibre foods.

The CDC claims an estimated 1.3% of US adults (3 million) reported being diagnosed with IBD in 2015.

In an interview with Casey Neistat in 2019, Donaldson revealed that although he used to be extremely sick, his condition has improved and he takes medicine to control it.

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He’s mentioned it before

News of his condition isn’t fresh information. The YouTuber first revealed it in August 2015, dedicating an entire video discussing Crohn’s.

He said: “(It’s) not the worst thing ever; there are people who have way worse diseases. You could have cancer and have to go through radiation and all those annoying things.”

Donaldson shared that certain foods agitate his intestines, causing “unbearable pain” and fatigue. Since his diet is extremely restrictive, it’s a burden on his social life because hanging with friends “usually revolves around food”.

To sum up, it appears highly unlikely that Mr Beast has a terminal illness, although suffering from Crohn’s disease is highly debilitating. We hope his health is as well as can be expected.

To find out more about Crohn’s disease, click here

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