Does the next president of the United States, Joe Biden, have a tattoo on his back? Is it of the state of Delaware? Who even thought of that? Here is how this TikTok rumour started and which Biden family member has a top-secret tattoo.

Where did the tattoo rumour start?

It seems the rumour about Joe Biden having a back tattoo started on TikTok with a fake video of Biden getting dressed and covering a large tattoo of the state of Delaware on his back.

Unfortunately, this has been debunked as being nothing more than a rumour. The video is actually a deep fake, with Biden’s face pasted on to the video protagonist’s to convince the internet Biden has a wild devotion to the state of Delaware.

Which Biden has a back tattoo?

It is in fact Hunter Biden who has a back tattoo. Many users may have confused Hunter Biden with Joe Biden, with some comedy genius resulting from the mix-up.

Hunter Biden is Joe Biden’s son and some Twitter users are finding it too funny that he has a back tattoo of the Finger Lakes in the New York region.

Some users are suggesting the back piece has personal resonance for Hunter Biden, because he has operated businesses out of this region for more than ten years.

This included Seneca Global Advisors, a consultancy firm named after the largest of the lakes.

Twitter’s reaction to the Joe Biden back tattoo rumours

Many on Twitter couldn’t believe Joe Biden would have a back tattoo and are appalled anyone would give credence to the rumour:

Other users were surprised and conflicted about the Delaware tattoo Joe Biden was rumoured to have:

There is even one user claiming he knows someone who knows someone who tattooed Joe Biden! However, this claim cannot be confirmed, especially as the original rumour has since been debunked.

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