Does Ethan Klein have Tourettes? Who is the Frenemies podcast host?

Amber Peake June 10, 2021


Does Ethan Klein have Tourette’s syndrome? Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas, known for their Frenemies podcast, have gone their separate ways after a disagreement on the show. As the popular podcast comes to an end, some are curious to know more about Ethan Klein and his struggle with Tourette’s syndrome.

Who is Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein is a YouTuber, best known for appearing alongside his wife, Hila, on their YouTube Channel, H3h3Productions.

They created the channel in 2011, with it growing in popularity thanks to its reaction videos and comedy sketches. It now has more than six million subscribers.

H3h3Productions evolved into a second channel, H3 Podcast, where Ethan and Hila launched their own podcast. The couple also have a third channel, called Ethan And Hila, which features vlog-style content.

More recently, Ethan became known alongside Trisha Paytas as they joined forces to create a collaborative podcast entitled Frenemies, which also aired on the H3 Podcast channel.

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Does Ethan Klein have Tourette’s syndrome?

Ethan Klein has a mild case of Tourette’s syndrome, which includes facial tics that affect the movement of his eyebrows. He addressed his condition in 2016 in a video alongside his wife Hila.

Ethan explained: “The truth is, I mean a lot of you guys probably know, but I have Tourette’s syndrome, a mild case of Tourette’s syndrome. I don’t scream obscenities, but I do this every once in a while.”

The YouTuber later added: “I’ll go through phases where I’ll be completely normal, and then I will just completely like, I don’t know, my face just explodes with all these crazy tics. It’s really annoying.”

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Ethan Klein’s net worth explored

While Ethan Klein and Hila have become known for their YouTube career, over the years many fans have wondered how much the couple are worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ethan Klein and his wife Hila are said to have a combined net worth of $20 million.

This figure is also reflected in other sites estimations as, alongside their YouTube fame, Hila is also chief executive of clothing brand Teddy Fresh.

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