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The Internet jokes: Did Melania Trump vote for Joe Biden?

Bruno Cooke November 6, 2020
The Internet jokes: Did Melania Trump vote for Joe Biden?
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The Internet jokes: Did Melania Trump vote for Joe Biden? On 3 November, Melania Trump voted in person, without wearing a mask, in Palm Beach, Florida. Her husband, president Donald Trump, was nowhere in sight. This has prompted several commentators, with varying levels of sincerity, to suggest that the FLOTUS actually voted for Biden.

When asked why she chose to vote alone, rather than with her husband when he voted on 24 October, the First Lady replied: “It’s Election Day, so I wanted to come here to vote today for the election.” 

Jokers of the internet: Did Melania Trump vote for Biden?

The First Lady choosing to vote in the absence of her husband Donald Trump has caused a social media flurry. In a piece for The Hard Times website (a “historic satire site”), Stephen Bell writes: 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — First Lady Melania Trump was apprehended by Florida election officials this morning after being caught furiously stuffing phony ballots for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden into the local ballot drop off location.

The Hard Times

But overt satire is not the only medium in which this theory is making ground online. Others took to Twitter to share their thoughts on what they deemed a suspicious set of circumstances.

Another user, Peter Murphy, penned his ideas for how Melania’s diary might look.

Were there ulterior motives behind Melania’s decision to vote by herself, in the absence of her husband? Questions remain. Online humorous speculation continues.

If Melania voted for Biden, would it change anything?

The so-called Sunshine State is a key battleground in US elections. This year, it went to the Republicans, with a vote share of 51.2 per cent. 

So, whether or not Melania Trump voted for Biden, it would have gone to Trump. 

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, second lady Karen Pence, also submitted their ballots in person. However, they cast theirs 11 days before Election Day. And they both wore masks to the polls.

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