Did Madonna get butt implants? The singer is keeping fans up to date with her recovery following hip surgery in November. However, the photo she posted to Instagram has once again sparked rumours that Madonna has had butt implants.

Is there any truth to these rumours? Let’s take a closer look.

Madonna’s recent injuries and hip surgery

Madonna’s 2019 tour suffered many setbacks as a result of the star enduring “indescribable pain.” Her Miami concert was cancelled last December for this reason.

A few weeks later, she went on to cancel a show in Lisbon with just 45 minutes notice. This was her tour’s eighth cancellation.

A month later, the singer cried on stage after falling off a chair during a show in Paris. Her knee and hip issues were long-running and causing Madonna a lot of pain and rescheduling.

In November, she posted a photo to Instagram calling herself a “survivor” and revealing a scar on her right hip. This suggests that she had undergone surgery to help treat her injuries.

On Sunday, the star kept her fans up to date with her recovery on her Instagram stories. On the 24-hour sharing feature, Madonna showed off her hip scar and cupping marks on her legs.

Did Madonna get butt impants?

The matter of Madonna’s supposed butt implants has been a fan fascination for a long time.

As recently as May it was reported that fans had been speculating that the star had gone through with the procedure.

Earlier, in January 2019, Perez Hilton tweeted a video asking if Madonna got butt implants.

Madonna hit back at these rumours at the time. She took to Instagram to say: “Desperately seeking no one’s approval…And entitled to free agency over my body like everyone else!”

So, it seems that this specific rumour surfaces whenever Madonna is in the news these days. Whatever you may think, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence out there from the star herself that she has had butt implants.

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