Did Cassi Davis have a stroke? House Of Payne fans worry about actress's health

Leigh McManus May 26, 2021
Did actress Cassi Davis have a stroke?
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Did Cassi Davis have a stroke? New episodes of Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne season eight and Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living season two returned to screens 25 May, prompting questions about the actress’s health.

Who is Cassi Davis, the actress who plays Ella from House Of Payne?

Cassi Davis is an American actress and singer who is best known for her role as Ella Payne on Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne and its spin-off series The Paynes.

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She has also starred in several other Tyler Perry-directed productions. Her other television credits include Living Single, Chicago Hope and the Hud Woman and in claymation show The PJ’s with Eddie Murphy.

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Davis’s film credits include Spike Lee’s School Daze, Boycott, Daddy’s Little Girls, Madea’s Big Happy Family, Boo! A Madea Halloween, and Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. She has also worked extensively in theatre.

The 54-year-old is from Holly Springs, Mississippi, in the US. She attended Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and majored in music.

Fans concerned with Cassi Davis’s health, is she sick? What happened to her eye?

After the new episodes of House Of Payne aired, fans took to Twitter to raise concerns about the actress, pointing out she appeared to have a slightly droopy eye and a limp.

Davis also spoke to urban entertainment e-zine Urban Bridgez in a video interview, released Wednesday, 26 May. It appeared her left eye was different to her right.

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She spoke about the new series, her upbringing and her start in Spike Lee’s School Daze in 1988. The actress appeared upbeat and energetic and didn’t mention any illness.

However, in February 2021 she appeared on the podcast The Culture, where she spoke about her husband, career and health.

Cassi Davis contracted Bell’s Palsy. The condition affects facial muscles and that is what caused the side of Davis’s face to droop. She said she was diagnosed with the condition in March 2020.

Who is the actress’s husband?

Davis also said in the same interview her husband hasn’t “skipped a bit” in caring for her, but who is Cassi Davis’s husband?

House Of Payne fans thought for years her husband in the show is also her real-life partner. Lavan Davis is an American actor who is also known for his role as Curtis Payne in the show, but he isn’t Cassi’s husband.

Cassi revealed she married beau Kerry Patton on 11 January 2017. Cassi and Kerry met in third grade, but only started dating in 2007.

The actress, a devout Christian, said in an interview: “We met in the third grade and, of course, you grow up and you go your separate ways, and we were apart for about 20 years, and divinely God brought us back together.”

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