Deez Nuts guy death hoax debunked: Are you confusing him with someone else?

Amber Peake April 22, 2021

Deez Nuts guy, known online as Welven Da Great, has faced false rumours this week as videos online claim he has dead. We’re happy to say Welven is alive and well, but is it possible people are confusing the news with the death of musician Sean Kennedy, announced earlier this year? Here’s the Deez Nuts guy death hoax debunked and the confusion explained.

Who is the Deez Nuts guy?

Welven Da Great, real name Welvin Harris, gained internet fame in 2015 after he appeared in a 15-second comedy sketch, which saw him become remembered for the phrase ‘Deez Nuts’.

The sketch is said to reference the introduction to rapper Dr. Dre’s track Deeez Nuuuts which featured on his debut studio album The Chronic.

After posting the video, Welven went on to become an internet sensation gaining a large following on Instagram after the video went viral.

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Deez Nuts guy death hoax debunked: He’s alive and well

Since his rise to fame, Welven Da Great, aka the Deez Nuts guy, has been the victim of many death rumours, all of which have been proved to be false.

Last July, rumours of Welven’s death started to gain traction again after fans paid tribute to him online. The rumour was later debunked after a friend of his chimed in to say he had spoken to Welven the previous day.

Rumours also circulated a couple of years ago after an obituary was posted on Dead Death, which led many to share and post on social media.

The most recent rumours about the death of “Deez Nuts guy” are said to have first started on YouTube after a few videos on the platform claimed the internet star had been found dead after becoming homeless.

However, Welven Da Great has since appeared in a video on Twitter assuring fans that he is “alive and ok”, in spite of the rumours.

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Deez Nuts bassist Sean Kennedy dies age 35

While many may associate the term Deez Nuts with Welven Da Great, this is also the name of an Australian hardcore punk band.

The band formed back in 2007 in Melbourne, Victoria and are best known for their songs Face This On My Own and Cooked Smile.

Back in February, it was reported that the Deez Nuts bass guitar player Sean Kennedy had died, aged 35.

As news of his death was announced, some may have confused his death with Welven’s because of their curious shared relation to the phrase Deez Nuts.

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