Days' Carson Boatman finds his feet wakesurfing despite it being his 'first time'

Ashley Bautista August 18, 2022
Days' Carson Boatman finds his feet wakesurfing despite it being his 'first time'
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Making the most of the summer, the soap star is taking advantage of the hot days to experience new water activities. And what better way to share some laughs than Carson Boatman wakesurfing for the first time?

Counting down the “days of our lives”… more like counting the days of the summer. The Iowa native wanted to share a glimpse of his holidays with fans online. He jumped into the deep end in a well-deserved trip with his family.

One year ago, Carson replaced twin brothers Aaron and Griggin Kunitz on the soap. He became an older version of the character Johnny DiMera in Days Of Our Lives. The news came a month after the actor married model Julana Dizon.

Carson Boatman, wakesurfing and enjoying some good times

On August 17, Carson updated his social media account with a three-picture post of his experience wakesurfing for the first time in Lake Panorama.

As the water sport consists of the rider dragging themselves behind a boat with a rope while surfing, the trick is trying to keep your balance while riding the waves.

Although Carson seemed to have gotten the hang of it in the video, he revealed to his 39.5k followers that it was his first time. Using the emojis that described the water sport, he wrote in his Instagram caption: “First time for everything. Swipe for some good times.”

The post accumulated almost 2k likes. Fans of the actor left comments underneath complimenting him and loving his “natural” moves.

Who is DOOL’s Johnny DiMera?

John ‘Johnny’ Roman DiMera has not been played by a single character, but by multiple child actors between 2007 and 2014. A total of 7 different actors played the role. Twin brothers Aaron and Griggin Kunitz are the actors who have most impressed viewers as they have been the longest on the series.

Viewers have seen his character grow in the series since they were introduced in 2007. Son of his parents Sami Brady and EJ DiMera, he discovered he had a twin sister, Allie Horton. Johnny was then diagnosed with eye cancer in 2009. Lexi Carven performed surgery to remove his eye and replaced it with a glass eye in emotion scenes.

The last time viewers saw the character of Johnny was in 2014 when he was 9 years old. Fast-forward, he is now aged 21.

Celebrating one year as Johnny

Exactly one year ago, Carson became the older version of Johnny. As EJ DiMera returns to Salem, this time it was accompanied by his son Johnny as he brings him back to where it all began. The older version dives into his life as a grown-up, while a lot of drama unfolds in the DiMera family.

The actor wrote at the time: “I would like to OFFICIALLY announce (A few of you already figured it out) that I have been cast into the @nbcdays world as Johnny DiMera. I absolutely could not be more grateful, humbled, and excited to begin this new journey and to bring Johnny to life on screen.”

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, the actor said that he went through some ups and downs to get the role of Johnny. While celebrating his bachelor party and under the influence of alcohol, Carson got the call for an immediate audition. As he didn’t want to miss the opportunity, he sent a videotape with “the whole bottom of his face red from wearing goggles and skiing all day”.

Saitta, the casting director, described his audition as “the worst she had ever seen”. Still, she gave him a second chance because he had already auditioned for the show.

Worried that he had missed the opportunity, the actor finally received the news that he had landed the role.

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