Does Dave Bautista support Joe Biden? Twitter reacts to gun reform post

Bruno Cooke October 19, 2020
Does Dave Bautista support Joe Biden? Twitter reacts to gun reform post

Dave Bautista recently took to Twitter to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s policies on gun reform. The ex-professional wrestler and Guardians Of The Galaxy star is bringing his powerhouse influence to politics. But what exactly does he have to say about the elections?

From World Wrestling Foundation to Hollywood stardom: Who is Dave Bautista?

Bautista Jr was born in Arlington County, Virginia, in 1969 with his father a hairdresser named Dave Bautista. Of Greek-Filipino descent, he lived a hard life and has said openly he lived in poverty. He was stealing cars aged 13 and found himself estranged from his parents aged 17.

From 2002 to 2010, he gained notoriety as a professional wrestler under the ring name Batista. By the time he retired from wrestling in 2019, he had accumulated a long string of accolades and records.

However, young people today may better know him as Drax in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy or as the man with the iron fists in the film of the same name directed by Eli Roth and RZA. He is also billed in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune reboot, set to be released in 2021.

We wrote about Dune’s filming locations here, and its rich and colourful filmic history here.

Twitter: Dave Bautista shows support for Joe Biden

On 15 October, Bautista came out vocally in support of Biden’s position on gun reform. Bautista argued Biden is “pro 2nd amendment”, that his position is “fair” and it would “save lives”. He concluded he personally didn’t “need to overcompensate” with an AR-15.

Bautista, who on Twitter goes by the name Super Duper Fly, has added his name to a long list of celebrity endorsements for gun control. He released a video this morning encouraging people to vote early.

While his Instagram (Dave Bautista Instagram) has seen less of his political leanings, he posted the same video there to his 3.4 million followers. 

Twitter reacts

Bautista’s foray into the world of political endorsements and gun reform has been met with much encouragement from his fans, while others have argued his support for Biden represents a support for the status quo.

One user challenged Bautista, stating: “We need a reset button with better candidates on both sides, at both ends.” 

In other words, Bautista’s previous endorsements are more on the money. Until June, Bautista was social media campaigning for previous Democrat contester Bernie Sanders. Indeed, Dave Bautista’s Twitter was full of support for the Sanders campaign.

However, the majority of the comments following Bautista’s pro-reform, pro-Biden tweet are wholly in favour of the endorsement. A common sentiment is nobody requires military-grade weapons for personal safety.  

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