Why are Courtney Shields and Emily Herren no longer friends? Instagram fall out explored

Eve Edwards June 9, 2021
Why are Courtney Shields and Emily Herren no longer friends? Instagram fall out explored


There has been renewed interest in Courtney Shields and Emily Herren’s friendship this month, as Courtney touches on why they are no longer friends on Instagram.

Courtney shared her thoughts on the matter on Tuesday, 8 June 2021, in an Instagram Story Q+A session.

The discussion was prompted by a fan, who had asked Courtney to share details on why her friendship with Emily Herren ended.

Courtney Shields talks end of friendship with Emily Herren

On Tuesday, 8 June 2021, Courtney Shields responded to a fan’s question about why her friendship with Emily Herren ended. The fan asked: “Genuinely asking…what happened to you and Emily?”

To this, Courtney did not give a recorded video response – as she did with the other questions – she just released a short written statement on the matter.

Courtney responded: “Unfortunately, we went our separate ways. As I’m sure most you guys know, it’s always sad when a friendship ends. Never been my style to gossip. We ended things on good terms and I’m wishing her all the best.”

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Screenshot: Courtney Shields Instagram Stories 8/6/2021 / @courtney_shields

Swiping Up podcast talks Emily and Courtney friendship fall out

On 18 March 2021, the Swiping Up podcast discussed the fall out between Emily Herren and Courtney Shields. The episode is titled ‘Frenemies’ (season 2 episode 1).

The self-styled “influencer culture” podcast discussed why the pair are no longer friends after discovering that Emily and Courtney had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Swiping Up hosts Spencer and Wendy allege in their discussion that the fall out might involve fellow influencer Jessi Afshin, with whom Emily has since become close.

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In the podcast, Wendy and Spencer claim that Jessi Afshin allegedly wasn’t invited to Courtney’s “Messy” release party, despite living in the same building that the party took place. However, this rumour has yet to be confirmed by the parties involved.

Then, both Courtney and Jessi were planning to address their drama in their individual podcasts. The Swiping Up hosts summated their revelations about the Emily-Courtney-Jessi drama: “Jessi’s podcast was about Courtney […] Courtney and Emily aren’t friends because of something to do supposedly with Jessi, amongst other details.”

Swiping Up also has an inside source attending Emily Herren’s wedding to Lee Travis. This source confirmed with the podcasters that Courtney Shields will no longer be a part of the wedding and will also no longer be a bridesmaid.

Neither Emily Herren nor Courtney Shields have addressed why they are no longer friends, apart from Courtney’s aforementioned statement on Instagram.

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