Is Project X based on Corey Delaney Worthington’s party?

Bruno Cooke April 22, 2022
Is Project X based on Corey Delaney Worthington’s party?


What connects Elon Musk and (in)famous Australian party organiser Corey Worthington (aka Corey Delaney)? The name Project X, apparently. The mercurial billionaire’s Twitter takeover, codenamed “Project X”, shares its appellation with a US found-footage teen comedy film thought to be based on Corey Delaney Worthington’s notorious 2008 house party.

Is Project X based on Corey (Delaney) Worthington’s 2008 party?

In January 2008, Corey Worthington – his stepfather’s name is Delaney, hence the occasional confusion regarding surnames – organised a party at his mother and stepfather’s suburban home in Melbourne, Australia.

According to Who, “all of Corey’s mates turned up” and “about 500 other teenagers”.

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What followed involved large amounts of alcohol; teenagers wandering nearby streets “throwing bricks and glass”, “breaking letterboxes” and rubbishing front lawns; and, ultimately, the police.

Cars, dogs and a helicopter all arrived on the scene. Not all escaped unscathed.

What similarities are there between Corey’s party and the one in Project X?

That was in 2008. Comedy movie Project X came along in 2012. Alex Heineman provided the basic concept and the production team shared tales of memorable parties they’d heard about or attended to move it along.

In the movie, high-school students Costa and JB throw a party for their friend Thomas’ birthday.

Between them, they advertise it on Craigslist and a local radio station, acquire cannabis and other party drugs, and preside over a chaotic night of revelry. A flamethrower and a SWAT team are also involved.

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Source: YouTube [Warner Bros. Pictures]

TV Tropes reports Project X is “based on a true story” and provides a link to Corey Worthington’s TV interview. Specifically, the entry recommends comparing the ending of the film with Corey’s getup. 

“The opening of the film also suggests the events of the film actually happened in Pasadena,” it adds, “although the film itself is a work of fiction.”

There are, however, several elements to Project X’s party that were absent from Corey Delaney Worthington’s.

Where is Corey now and where does Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover come in?

14 years on since his infamous party and Corey is almost unrecognisable. On Halloween 2019, he posted a picture of himself to his Instagram followers wearing pink shades, a headband, beads and a peace pendant.

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A year earlier, he competed in TV show Australian Ninja Warrior. Watch the video via YouTube here. Worthington married his partner Mel Borg in 2015 in an uncharacteristically small ceremony in Bali.

For more of what he’s been up to in the interim years, read Who’s profile here.

The Elon Musk connection comes via the billionaire entrepreneur’s attempt to take over Twitter.

The Washington Post reported yesterday (21 April 2022) that financial documents refer to his takeover bid as “Project X” – the same name as the movie said to be based on Corey Delaney Worthington’s 2008 bash.

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Captive Audience | Trailer | Hulu
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