Are Colby Brock and Amber Scholl dating? New TikTok seals the deal

Bruno Cooke September 6, 2021
Are Colby Brock and Amber Scholl dating? New TikTok seals the deal


Are Colby Brock and Amber Scholl dating? YouTuber Amber Scholl, of Broke Girl Hacks fame, and social media personality Colby Brock are embroiled in a social media swirl. And after Amber’s most recent TikTok vid, some fans seem convinced there’s more than friendship between them. Here’s the rumour explained…

Who is Colby Brock?

Colby Brock likes to pose with his index fingers and pinkies pointing upwards. He didn’t die aged 65 in Pontchachoula in an automobile accident in 1967.

This Colby Brock, 23, is half of YouTube pair Sam and Colby, who create “haunted exploration videos”.

On his private channel, which has 2.2 million subscribers, he reads ghost stories and chat histories. His successes making TERRIFYING videos have led to collaborations online and offline, including this clothing collection, in connection with XPLR. 

Who is Amber Scholl?

Amber Scholl, 27, came to prominence in much the same way, by making essential videos for teens. Scholl, who enjoys “long walks at the mall”, has almost a million followers on her Instagram handle @amberscholl.

Scholl’s YouTube channel took off in October 2016, when she launched the Broke Girl Hacks videos. In the series, Scholl educates her viewership on how to be “broke and boujee”, and how to “make life luxurious on a dime”.

Since her inception as a veritable YouTube sensation, she has been represented by Marienor Madrilejo at Abrams Artists Agency.

What do Colby Brock and Amber Scholl have to do with each other?

Mid-2020, Colby Brock and Amber Scholl each posted a video featuring the other. Hers centres on what she calls an “e-girl makeover”; his is prefaced by an eight-minute, direct-to-camera, confessional address to the viewer. 

A month later he posted another video where Scholl “roasts” his room. In the accompanying text, Brock proclaims to “still have my feeling [sic] hurt from this” – but it’s hard to know whether to take this seriously.

But wait, there’s more!

As if these weren’t enough to keep fans frothing with gossip, behind the scenes, things were getting even more interesting.

Amber’s latest TikTok video, released Sunday 5 September, almost seals the deal in some fans’ minds. In it, she and Brock lip sync to the song mashup They Might Kiss x Promiscuous and almost kiss.


two best friends ♥️ @colbybrock

♬ they might kiss x promiscuous – anete

Still, even this isn’t a solid confirmation from the famously elusive duo.

Succinctly put by one member of the Twitter commentariat, Hailey, 

…to which Scholl wilfully replied:

Seeing an opportunity for redemption, Brock proceeded to like one of Hailey’s Instagram pictures, causing ripples in the Twitter-Instagram continuum.

This “made my night”, posted Hailey, “shaking” with an earthquake of emojis, hearts and tears at the level of intimacy and interaction with such social media heavyweights.

What next? Are Colby and Amber dating?

Based on the evidence, it’s impossible to draw any firm conclusions. They have allegedly both said several times they are “just friends”. However, pictures featuring the pair have caused speculation, including one fan who commented: “I really feel like there [sic] a thing 🤔🙌”

Stay tuned for more – the rumour mill grinds day and night.

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