Clip of Randy Jackson using a cane has fans concerned over his health

Eve Edwards September 20, 2022
Clip of Randy Jackson using a cane has fans concerned over his health
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Randy Jackson and his fellow American Idol judges appeared in Hollywood to celebrate Kelly Clarkson’s star ceremony – but what was intended as a festive day out has raised concerns for Jackson’s health as he appeared at the event using a cane.

The American Idol team rolled out to Hollywood Boulevard to support Clarkson, 40, as her name was added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kelly Clarkson rocketed to fame in 2002 after winning the first-ever season of American Idol. Paula Abdul has her own star, as does Simon Cowell, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Randy Jackson’s name has yet to be added.

Randy Jackson appears at Kelly Clarkson’s star ceremony with cane in hand

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Monday, September 19, 2022, the American Idol judges reunited with their first-ever winner, Kelly Clarkson, to commemorate her addition to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Randy Jackson appeared at the event using a cane to help him walk. He used the cane during the American Idol team’s photo op, where the judges posed alongside Kelly Clarkson, to keep himself steady.

TMZ obtained a video from the ceremony where Jackson can be seen struggling to walk. At one point in the clip, he is steadied by another ceremony guest to keep him upright.

Fans concerned about Randy’s cane use

Inevitably, we have seen a number of concerns over Randy Jackson’s use of a cane flagged. When fans spotted the American Idol judge at Kelly Clarkson’s star ceremony utilising the walking stick, a wave of concern flooded the internet.

One tweeted: “Wait! What happened to Randy Jackson? Does he have some kind of disease? I hope he’s well.”

Another wrote: “Anyone else concerned about Randy Jackson? He was walking with a cane and almost couldn’t walk without help.”

Randy Jackson has been dealing with health problems for years

This isn’t the first instance that Randy Jackson’s fans have been concerned over his health. In fact, earlier this year we saw a wave of concern emerge after Jackson appeared as the bandleader on Name That Tune. The quiz series which tests contestants’ music knowledge aired on FOX back in March 2022 and had some viewers questioning the status of Randy Jackson’s health.

Jackson, 65, has lost a considerable amount of weight since his days on American Idol which has some wondering whether he is suffering from an illness. One Name That Tune viewer tweeted after watching the show: “Is Randy Jackson alright? He doesn’t look well.”

Randy Jackson has been on a health journey since 2003 when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since then, Jackson has candidly spoken about how he dealt with the diagnosis and how the condition took a toll on his health. As a result of the diagnosis, Jackson underwent weight loss surgery which saw him drop 100lbs. This weight returned and so Jackson made huge lifestyle changes – in terms of eating and exercise – to shed it again.

Sins of Our Mother | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sins of Our Mother | Official Trailer | Netflix

As of yet, Randy Jackson has not spoken on his use of a cane

Randy Jackson has been vocal about his health troubles over the past two decades, although this latest development of using a cane has not been addressed by the former American Idol judge.

The Focus has reached out to Randy Jackson’s representatives for comment.

But while you might have concerns about Randy Jackson’s health status, that hasn’t stopped the musician and television personality from working as usual. This summer saw Jackson promoting Journey’s new album, Freedom, on which he played bass. He’s also been filming Name That Tune.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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