Who is Chris Olsen? Meghan Trainor's childhood bestie joins podcast

Darcy Rafter April 19, 2022
Who is Chris Olsen? Meghan Trainor's childhood bestie joins podcast

Chris Olsen attended the 94th Oscar Academy Awards in an eye-catching bright red suit and fans became instantly intrigued to know more about the social media star, especially as we recently discovered his childhood bestie is supposedly Meghan Trainor…

Meghan Trainor and her big brother Ryan Trainor have a podcast entitled Workin’ On It, and their latest special guest will be Chris Olsen.

Fans can’t wait for Olsen to share his stories in the hopes he and Meghan take listeners on a journey through their friendship.

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Who is Chris Olsen?

Chris Olsen is a social media star who was born on 22 December 1997, making him 24 years old. No, not 75 years old as Wikipedia stated. Olsen addressed the Wiki-editor’s confusion between him and a 1970s actor with a hilarious TikTok.

He has many achievements, including being crowned TikTok’s Sexiest Man by People Magazine in 2020. He also boasts more than 7.4 million followers on TikTok on which he shares videos of his life, opinions and friends.

Olsen was in a relationship with TikToker Ian Paget before separating after two years of dating. The announcement was released in separate statements, with Olsen writing they wanted to “take some time apart” and Paget confirming Chris was still his “best friend and always will be”.

The pair even released a joint YouTube video in which they talked about the pressures of “being in the public eye”, especially as the couple only got together seven months before shooting to TikTok fame.

Paget recently attended the Oscars and confirmed the two have remained friends. Paget gave Olsen a shoutout on Instagram, saying how proud he was of him and thanking him for being part of his journey.

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Meghan Trainor’s childhood bestie joins podcast

In tomorrow’s episode (20 April), Ryan Trainor and Meghan Trainor will have Chris Olsen as their special guest. Meghan calls her and Chris “Nantucket babies” as they are both from the same area in Massachusetts.

The episode will reportedly see Meghan and Chris talk about their friendship.

However, some TikTok comments are calling the duo out as they believe their ‘childhood picture’ is Photoshopped. Others don’t think they are childhood friends as there is a four-year age gap between them, although they do have the same birthday – so maybe it’s meant to be!


@Chris Olsen Nantucket babies 🥺 #love

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