After suffering an unknown accident Chris Jarman died yesterday, 16 December. However, the beloved Memphis radio host’s official cause of death has yet to be announced. Since the news broke, tributes have been pouring in from listeners, friends and family mourning the sudden loss. Chris Jarman was just 50.

Chris Jarman’s accident linked to cause of death

Beloved broadcaster with Memphis’s 98.1 The Max Chris Jarman passed away in the early hours of Wednesday 16 December. The cause of death is still unknown, but has been linked to an accident Jarman suffered earlier in the week.

Two days before his passing, Chris posted on social media that he’d slipped on some wet leaves and broken his ankle. Whether or not this accident is related to his death is unknown at this point in time.

Following his accident, Chris Jarman was taken to an Intensive Care Unit over 100 miles away due to a pandemic-induced shortage of ICU beds.

He died a few hours after arriving in Batesville, Arkansas. His Co-host, Danni Bruns, from Danni and Jar, the show Chris co-hosted on 98.1 The Max, broke the news of his colleague and friend’s passing:

Jarman’s cousin, Dr. Hunter Harrison, spoke with WMC5 and gave his opinion on the broadcaster’s cause death. Harrison thought his cousin’s passing could have been related to the accident in which he’d broken his ankle. Harrison says Jarman “collapsed, so my thought is maybe he had a blood clot that had gone, you know, that it caused him to have a heart attack.”

RIP “The Jar”: Fans pay their respects

Commercial appeal called the late Chris Jarman an “ebullient personality both on air and off.” They go on to say Jarman was “a vocal supporter of Memphis sports teams and an even bigger proponent of various charities.”

Many listeners would tune in from their cars while driving to and from work, as Danni and The Jar’s shows aired between 6-10am and 3-7pm.

Through radio, Jarman became a regular part of Memphis residents’ day-to-day routines and will be dearly missed.

There is also anger among fans over the circumstances surrounding the broadcaster’s death.

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