Who is Chip Girl from TikTok and what is her real name?

Molly Young January 14, 2022
Who is Chip Girl from TikTok and what is her real name?

A viral TikTok star known as Chip Girl, popular on the platform due to her tech-crazy lifestyle, recently revealed her real name on 13 January 2022.

Explore the content creator’s multiple social media profiles and meet her “chip family” online, made up of her husband and pets. Fans are curious to find out why she is called Chip Girl and what her actual name is…

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TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

Meet Chip Girl, the tech-TikToker

Over on TikTok, @chipgirlhere is a widely popular creator with a huge following of more than 2.6 million users along with over 100 million likes altogether.

The star is known as Chip Girl because she claims to have an RFID chip implanted inside of her hand that is used to unlock things around her house.

Chip Girl frequently uploads content displaying her tech-filled lifestyle, flaunting her modern body accessory which enables her to open doors, cupboards and more without using an actual key.


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Biography Daily states that the social media personality is currently 30-years-old with a net worth estimated to be around $200.

@chipgirlhere also has a successful Instagram page with more than 25k followers to accompany her present total of 25 posts.

She is also known for sharing details about more trending tech items, her Dreamland link shows that she is associated with the Ray Bans’ Smart Glasses and a revolutionary techy toaster.

What is the creator’s real name?

Having referred to herself as Chip Girl since the beginning of her fame on the video-sharing app, the TikToker finally revealed her real name to be Burgundy Waller on 13 January 2022.

In a TikTok video, @chipgirlhere explained that although she grew up under the Mormon religion, which prohibits alcohol, her family named her after Burgundy wine, an alcoholic drink made in the Burgundy region of eastern France.

More about her family, including Chip Guy

Living in Chip Girl’s tech-savvy house is her husband and their two dogs, who she refers to as Chip Guy and Chip Pups.

Burgundy Waller is married to Mike Caldwell, a Managing Partner at Casascius Capital LLC as per his LinkedIn profile.

Chip Guy (@chipguyhere) has over 77k followers and more than 380k likes in total on TikTok, where he also shares crazy tech items and top tips.

Over on his personal Instagram, @casascius often shows appreciation for his wife by sharing photographs of them both.

The pair tied the knot in October 2019, making their names Caldwell-Waller, and were later set to host a wedding reception on July 25th, 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Referred to on TikTok as the Chip Pups, Burgundy Waller and Mike Caldwell share two dogs who also feature in lots of content online.

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