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What is Charisma Carpenter's religion? Faith affected her role on Buffy

Max Seeley February 11, 2021
charisma carpenter religion
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For actress Charisma Carpenter, religion is an important part of her life, one that she’s spoken publicly about in the past. Recently, the Buffy star came forward with allegations against director Joss Whedon, which included claims she was mocked for her faith on set. Fans are now curious about Carpenter’s religion and whether she is Catholic.

Charisma Carpenter played snobby high school student, Cordelia Chase, in the now-classic TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Born in Las Vegas in 1970, Carpenter spent three seasons on the wildly popular show before taking on a even larger role as the same character on the Buffy spin-off, Angel.

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Carpenter has recently made headlines following a Twitter post in which she voiced her support for actor Ray Fisher.

In December 2020, Fisher announced that he will not reprise his role in the DC’s The Flash following months of feuds with WarnerMedia over supposed mistreatment by Whedon.

In a series of tweets posted yesterday, 10 February, Carpenter voiced her support for Fisher and his decision. Carpenter claimed that, while she was filming for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Whedon’s actions on set intensified her anxiety and lowered her self worth.

Charisma Carpenter’s religion

In these tweets, Carpenter recalled how she got a tattoo of a rosary in order to ground herself spiritually, in what she perceived as a hostile working environment.

Carpenter then went on to claim that during a sit-down meeting for the show, Whedon mocked her for the tattoo.

Carpenter believes that Whedon’s perceived hostility came from the fact that she was pregnant, and claims that the director went on to mock her religious beliefs and fired her following the season she gave birth.

In an interview from 2002, Carpenter spoke about her faith, saying: “I needed to get back to ground zero and back to the meaning of life and what my purpose is and the most important relationship I have with my higher power, as I choose Him to be.”

Carpenter also spoke about the fact that her involvement on Buffy sometimes conflicted with her religious beliefs: “It’s caused a lot of conflict on the show because the relationship my character has with vampires undermines [my beliefs]. But it has nothing to do with the show. It has everything to do with me. It has to do with where I am.”

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