Camille Winbush has responded to OnlyFans leak to shut down haters

Yasmine Leung October 8, 2021
Camille Winbush has responded to OnlyFans leak to shut down haters
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Camille Winbush’s OnlyFans content has been leaked on Twitter – what did the actress have to say about the news?

Camille Winbush joined OnlyFans in early 2021

In February 2021, actress Camille Winbush announced she was joining subscription service OnlyFans “her way”. This meant minimal nudity and a platform for her to experiment with all sorts of content, including lifestyle videos, Q&As and beauty tutorials.

Despite the 31-year-old highlighting the type of content, she was bombarded by rude comments. Critics claimed she resorted to OnlyFans for extra money as she is best known for her role as Vanessa Thomkins in The Bernie Mac Show 15 years ago.

She responded to the haters on Instagram and has now returned to clapback at them once again for leaking her images.

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Camille Winbush responds to leak

Several photos were spread on Twitter showing the actress in a pink skimpy shirt and thong, as well one in which she’s wearing a sequinned thong and matching nipple pasties.

Yet again, some users compared the Bernie Mac Show actress to her child acting days, criticising her choice to upload to the platform. There are older celebrities on the service, such as Shanna Moakler, who is aged 46.

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Obviously, Winbush wasn’t going to let it slide without speaking up – she tweeted out:

“So y’all still out here exploiting a man’s death and a woman’s body for chuckles? #Gross.”

Her response was supported by a flood of encouragement, with one user commenting:

“I need for y’all to realise Camille Winbush is grown just like you. Your sister is on OnlyFans. Your auntie probably too and so what? Just because you knew her from a TV show when she was a teen doesn’t mean you know her. Let that grown woman do what she wants.”

Another added:

“Why is Camille Winbush being called broke for making an OnlyFans but Bella Thorne can start one and she ain’t called broke? She didn’t even say anything about sharing X-rated content.”

7 other celebrities on OnlyFans over 31 years old

OnlyFans has no maximum age limit, so anyone over the age of 18 can do as they like.

While stars such as Bella Thorne and Bhad Bhabie are some of the more popular stars on the platform, there are others who are older than Winbush.

Here’s just seven of them:

  • Shanna Moakler
  • Chris Brown
  • Aaron Carter
  • Kerry Katona
  • DJ Khaled
  • Amber Rose
  • Blac Chyna

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