How old is Camila Angelo de Sousa? Age gap with husband Hulk explored

Cara Houlton April 20, 2022
How old is Camila Angelo de Sousa? Age gap with husband Hulk explored
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Brazilian footballer Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, also known as Hulk, announced the birth of his first child with his wife Camila Angelo de Sousa on 19 April 2022.

The pair’s relationship has previously made headlines due to Camila being the niece of Hulk’s ex-wife, Iran Souza. As Hulk and his ex-wife shared a large age gap, fans are now wanting to know how old Camila is.

Let’s take a look at her age, career and the birth of their daughter.

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Who is Camila Angelo de Sousa?

Like her husband, Camila was born in Brazil but shares joint Brazilian-American nationality.

A professional model and social media influencer, she has over 30k Instagram followers. Often posting about her lavish lifestyle, Camila can be seen boarding private jets and posing in front of yachts alongside her husband.

Camila can also be seen photographed in a medical uniform, leading fans to believe that she also has a job within the medical field.

Age difference explored

Camila was born in 1989 and is currently 32 years old as of 2022. With just a three year age difference, Hulk, 35, was born on 25 July 1986.

Whilst the pair are close in age, this wasn’t the case between Hulk and his ex-wife Iran Souza, 53.

The couple who were previously married for 12 years and have three children together, shared an age gap of 18 years.

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The couple welcome a daughter

Camila and Hulk who have been married since March 2020 announced they were expecting their first child on 18 September 2021.

Camila has since been keeping her Instagram followers up to date with her pregnancy.

The first time mother shared a gender reveal video with her fans, in which the couple celebrated with pink fireworks.

As the pregnancy drew closer, the couple have been living in Miami, Florida. Camila announced the birth of their daughter Zaya on 19 April with a photo of her family.

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