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Was Brooklyn Dad Defiant paid to tweet? Majid Padellan clears the air

Olivia Olphin March 10, 2021

Twitter rumours emerged earlier today, 10 March, claiming that Majid Padellan, aka Brooklyn Dad Defiant, was paid to write on his Twitter and hid that from his fans. He has since addressed these claims and cleared the air. We take a look at where this rumour came from and uncover the truth behind the misinformation.

Who is Majid Padellan?

Majid Padellan is an art director, teacher, writer and designer and minor Twitter celebrity, where he posts under the moniker Brooklyn Dad Defiant.

He has designed for companies such as Disney and Lockheed Martin.

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He has five children and states on his website that he is a dog lover, music lover, a comic book nerd and also a Yankees fan.

Majid Padellan is also known as Brooklyn Dad Defiant on Twitter. Among other tweets Brooklyn Dad posts pro-Democrat content and has recently been tweeting in favour of Joe Biden.

What are the rumours about Brooklyn Dad Defiant being paid?

There is a rumour going around Twitter today, 10 March, that Brooklyn Dad Defiant was paid to write pro-Democratic content and has not disclosed this to his followers.

However, addressing this rumour, Majid Padellan stated he has never hidden any information, and always made it clear that he works as a senior advisor for Really American.

This is clear in his Twitter bio:

Really American is an anti-Donald Trump political action committee according to Politifact.

Padellan tweeted this today:

As Padellan has always been open about his working relationship with Really American, it is clear that he is not withholding any information from the general public or from his followers.

According to Open Secrets, a nonpartisan, independent non-profit organisation that monitors elections and US politics, Padellan, aka Brooklyn Dad Defiant, has been paid $57,088 dollars by Really American between July – December 2020.

Support for Brooklyn Dad Defiant on Twitter has been widespread.

Majid Padellan also retweeted many of these comments that referenced him being “compensated”.

It is clear that he has not been hiding any level of “compensation” from his followers.

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