Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross relationship trends amid new P!ATD album

Bruno Cooke August 19, 2022
Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross relationship trends amid new P!ATD album


Panic! At The Disco, which is now the solo project of American musician Brendon Urie, released its seventh studio album Friday (August 19, 2022), leading some fans to take to Twitter to discuss its lyrics in relation to one of the band’s co-founders, Ryan Ross.

George Ryan Ross III was the lead guitarist and primary songwriter for Panic! At The Disco before he left the band in 2009.

Brendon Boyd Urie is now the only original member of the band. He formed it with childhood friends Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson, and Ryan in 2004.

Now, upon the release of the project’s seventh studio album – or third as a solo act – some fans have been saying they think one of its tracks is about the relationship between Urie and Ross. 

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What are fans saying about Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross following new P!ATD album?

Much of what those who follow Brendon’s activities as Panic! At The Disco have been writing on Twitter in the wake of Viva Las Vengeance has been, as one user notes with self-awareness, “slander.”

As another writes, “every time I make fun of him on here I get a bajillion likes,” which might have some bearing on the motivation behind many of the others criticizing the new album, or the artist behind it.

One of the more constructive, or at least substantive, things fans have been claiming in relation to Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross is that the lyrics of Middle Of A Breakup make reference to the former band member.

One fan, or possibly a former fan, wrote Friday that they think the song Local God directly compares Urie’s career success with Ross’s. They didn’t, however, indicate which lyrics make them think so. Brendon performed tracks for an elated crowd at TODAY’s Citi Concert today. Watch his interview here.

People have also been comparing the lyrics of the two songwriters

Again, without wanting to spread some of the more unkind things fans have been saying about Brendon Urie, some have been comparing his lyrics to Ryan Ross’s. 

Ross’s absence from the band is a sticking point for some. Pretty. Odd. (2008), the band’s second album, is “full of Ryan Ross crafting absolute magic,” writes one Twitter user

While Urie can certainly “sing and perform,” notes another in an apparent effort to temper the critiques of others, “the art of songwriting” is not something that everybody can just tap into.

Find the lyrics to all the songs on Urie’s latest P!ATD album on Genius here. Many include contributions from Genius members containing their own interpretations of specific lyrics. These can be illuminating, though should be read as subjective interpretations rather than objective truths.

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When did Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross co-found the band?

Brendon and Ryan co-founded Panic! At The Disco in 2004 along with childhood friends Spencer Smith and Brent Wilson.

They recorded their first demos while still in high school and released their debut studio album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out in 2005.

Ross and Urie are both now 35, meaning they were likely 18 when their first album dropped. Panic! At The Disco replaced its founding bassist Brent Wilson in 2006, with Jon Walker.

But Ross and Walker left after the group’s 2008 album Pretty. Odd. Ross told NME in 2010 that quitting the band was like “splitting up with a girlfriend.” He and Walker subsequently formed The Young Veins with Andy Soukal, Nick Murray and Nick White.

I Used to be Famous | Official Trailer | Netflix

I Used to be Famous | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is Ross up to now in 2022?

“Jon and I just realised that we were never going to be happy being in that band because of certain compromises that we had to keep making,” Ross told NME in the interview mentioned above. 

Writing under the Panic! At The Disco name made him go against his instincts, he added.

The Young Veins went on hiatus in 2010 but released a deluxe edition of its debut album Take A Vacation! online in 2019. A year earlier, Ross collaborated with Z Berg on the Christmas single The Bad List. The former couple spoke about producing the single with Alternative Press in December that year. 

His last Instagram upload is from June 2020. It’s a promo for Lonesome Town. His fans miss him, with one even saying he could “literally release 12 hours of lawnmower noises” and they would “hype it up like a K-pop stan.”

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