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Who is Bradley Ledford? Madison Cawthorn's pal opens up about accident

Jane Corscadden March 2, 2021
Who is Bradley Ledford? Madison Cawthorn's pal opens up about accident
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Who is Bradley Ledford, Madison Cawthorn’s friend who was involved in his life-altering car crash? It’s recently emerged that Congressman Cawthorn’s account of the crash that partially paralysed him may not have been entirely true.

He initially claimed his friend, Bradley Ledford, who was driving at the time, had not pulled him out of the wreck, but Ledford has come forward to say this isn’t the case. So, what do we know about Madison Cawthorn’s friend, Bradley Ledford, and the 2014 car crash?

Who is Madison Cawthorn?

Madison Cawthorn is America’s youngest Congressman since Jed Johnson Jr in 1965. He’s also the first Congressman born in the 1990s.

He’s the Representative for North Carlonia’s 11th congressional district after being elected in 2020.

Cawthorn was home-schooled in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He then went on to High School where he played football. He attended college at Patrick Henry College.

Madison Cawthorn is engaged to fiancée Cristina Bayardelle, an American fitness model and athlete from Florida.

From 2015-2016, Cawthorn worked as a staffer in Representative Mark Meadows’s district office. He was criticised for saying he worked there “full time” when he was working in a part-time role.

But it was Congressman Meadows who nominated Cawthorn to the US Naval Academy in 2014. However, this was before Cawthorn was partially paralysed in a car crash later that year when he was driving with his friend, Bradley Ledford.

Who is Bradley Ledford? His statement about Cawthorn’s accident

In 2014, Madison Cawthorn was involved in a car accident that would leave him partially paralysed and requiring use of a wheelchair.

He was 18 at the time and on his way back from a spring break trip in Florida. Cawthorn was the passenger in the car when his friend, Bradley Ledford, fell asleep at the wheel.

Their car crashed into a concrete barrier while Cawthorn’s feet were on the dashboard.

In a 2017 speech, Cawthorn said his friend left him “to die in a fiery tomb.” However, a few days ago, Bradley Ledford told The Washington Post he pulled Cawthorn from the wreck after leaving the car.

Ledford went on to say, “It hurt very badly that he would say something as false as that.”

But that’s not all that The Post reported. In 2017, Cawthorn claimed he was “declared dead” after the accident. This new report uncovered that he wasn’t – the police report said he was “incapacitated.”

So, in light of this recent reveal, it seems that Bradley Ledford did his best to help Cawthorn in the aftermath of the car crash – not leave him to die as was previously claimed by the congressman.

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