Why Bo Burnham didn't accept his first Grammy with a speech: Where was he all night?

Yasmine Leung April 4, 2022
Why Bo Burnham didn't accept his first Grammy with a speech: Where was he all night?
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Comedian and filmmaker Bo Burnham won the ‘best song written for visual media’ category at Grammys 2022 for All Eyes On Me but, sadly for fans, he didn’t accept the award live.

All Eyes On Me is part of Burnham’s Netflix special, Inside, which the 31-year-old recorded in the guest house of his LA home during covid lock-down. Even though he lost out on the ‘best music film’ category at Grammys 2022, the award he did win takes him halfway to an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony).

Burnham is known for his lighthearted acceptance speeches – and that terrifying HCA TV awards 2021 video (more on that later) – so fans were disappointed the comedian didn’t bring his antics to Grammys 2022.

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Masters of Illusion | Magic In The Air Season Trailer | The CW

Bo Burnham didn’t make a Grammy 2022 speech

Actually, Burnham wasn’t even at the Grammys. Instead, he watched his win live at home with fellow comedian Jerrod Carmichael and posted an Instagram Story of LeVar Burton accepting the award on his behalf.

Watch the win here:

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Casual fans may be questioning why Burnham was absent, but long-time supporters know he’s not one to attend award shows with prepared speeches.

One redditor asked: “Is he there? Was there an acceptance speech?” but quickly replied to his own comment: “I’m sorry, that was a stupid question. If he won, of course he wasn’t there.”

Another user added: “Now you’re catching on! Ha ha.”

The absence is yet another occasion to add to the ‘where’s Bo file’. Burnham won three awards at the Creative Arts Emmy 2021 – but didn’t attend. However, when he did attend the main Emmys looking his most dashing, he lost out to Hamilton in the ‘outstanding variety special (pre-recorded)’ category.

Burnham is known for giving creepy, unforgettable speeches

His most iconic speech undoubtedly came at the HCA TV Awards 2021. In an unusually low-quality video, the filmmaker emerges from the darkness wearing a mask and approaches the camera and alternates between a whispered “thank you” and smooches.

It’s definitely the most creepy acceptance video we’ve ever seen – we love him but didn’t need to be that close to the star:

At the time, one fan said: “I’ve never felt so violated from a video. Bravo Bo!”

We wonder what he’s got lined up for his next win?

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