Bizarre 'what did Michael Jordan do to a dog' TikTok trend explored

Joshua Rogers December 2, 2022
Bizarre 'what did Michael Jordan do to a dog' TikTok trend explored
Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

We explore the very strange ‘what did Michael Jordan do to a dog’ TikTok trend. It currently has a lot of people very confused and in search of answers.

Michael Jordan is, for many, the greatest basketball player of all time. The former Chicago Bulls superstar won six NBA Championships, as well six NBA Finals MVPs and five MVPs.

He is known the world over for his Air Jordan brand and related sneakers. In 2020, Jordan was introduced to a younger generation through the Netflix documentary series The Last Dance.

The Emmy award-winning miniseries charts the rise of the Bulls during the 1990s, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their success to which Michael was integral.

Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

‘What did Michael Jordan do to a dog’ TikTok trend explored

To this day, MJ, who is the chairman of the Charlotte Hornets, is one of the most recognisable athletes on Earth.

Most of his life is well-documented. However, a recent TikTok trend has people searching a rather random aspect of Michael’s personal life.

That particular query is: ‘what did Michael Jordan do to a dog?’

The question appears to have stemmed from TikTok where various creators have posted a video of themselves asking the question before cutting off before answering.

One example of these videos had the text: ‘when you find out what Michael Jordan did to his dog’ followed by ‘#disturbing’.

The video was flooded with comments such as: ‘what happened?’

Another added, ‘WHAT DID HE DO?’

However, as some people pointed out, it is just a joke, and intentionally omitting any context or explanation is part of said joke.

Essentially the trend is designed to get people speculating and desperate to find out an answer that doesn’t exist. In reality, Michael Jordan did not do anything to a dog.

Fake story alleging Michael Jordan’s dog was recovering from surgery may have caused confusion

The random question relating to Michael Jordan’s dog may have been spread by a fake news article suggesting his pet was recovering from surgery.

The article in question claimed Michael Jordan’s alleged adored labrador retriever “Spinee” had undergone a risky surgery and was ‘luckily beginning the slow process of recovery.’

The fake story also claimed that MJ tweeted to his followers asking for their prayers for ‘Spinee’.

However, as the website states, it is a satirical outlet that only publishes parody content. This Michael Jordan dog story is another example of that and is not factual.

A section on their site even reads: ‘The ‘People’ section is a humorous parody of Gossip magazines, all stories are obviously not true.

‘Thus thousands of celebrities, Bill Gates in USA, Zhang Ziyi in China, Ranbir Kapoor in India, etc. all have a dog called “Spinee” recovering from successful surgery.’

So there you have it, Michael Jordan does not have a dog called Spinee, and he most certainly did not ‘do’ anything to any alleged pet of his.

The internet can be a weird place sometimes…

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