Who is Ava Graham, Big Daddy Graham's daughter and WIP veteran?

Darcy Rafter September 9, 2021
Who is Ava Graham, Big Daddy Graham's daughter and WIP veteran?
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Philadelphia radio sports host Big Daddy Graham, born Edward Gudonis, has sadly passed away aged 68. His daughter, Ava Graham, who is also part of the WIP radio family, will continue his legacy.

Radio host and close friend Glen Macnow said Graham died on Wednesday evening, 8 September 2021. Glen described Graham as a “diamond in the rough”.

As fans and colleagues paid tribute to Big Daddy Graham online, some fans wondered about his daughter, Ava Graham, who will reportedly continue her father’s morning show. We take a look at the late radio host’s family. 

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Who is Big Daddy Graham’s daughter, Ava Graham?

Ava Graham is the daughter of Big Daddy Graham, who works as a studio assistant on the WIP Morning Show. Big Daddy Graham’s legacy will be continued by his daughter, Ava, who already stars on WIP every day.

Ava’s Instagram is set to private but she has more than 2,282 followers and in her bio describes herself as a “party enthusiast”.

According to the WIP radio show, Ava Graham became engaged to her boyfriend, Bill, on 29 February 2020 after she proposed to him. She wears her grandmother’s ring, which she had resized, while Bill wears a black wedding band.

Big Daddy Graham was reportedly “over the moon” at the news and, according to his colleague Angelo Cataldi, Graham and Bill grew very close.

Meet Big Daddy Graham’s family

Graham was born in Southwest Philadelphia and went to West Catholic High School. He lived with his wife in Mullica Hill in New Jersey, where they raised their family.

Big Daddy Graham’s loving wife is Debbie, with whom he shared two daughters, Keely and Ava. He also has two sons-in-law, Matthew and Bill, and two grandchildren, Jameson and Lucy. Graham was without a doubt a devoted and beloved family man.

Condolences pour in from Graham’s friends and colleagues

WIP didn’t explain the cause of death, although it is publicly known Graham has battled multiple health problems in past years, including a diagnosis of throat cancer. In July 2019, he also suffered a burst blood vessel that bled through to his spine and left him paralysed.

Graham started his career in the early 1990s and had been on the radio for almost 30 years. Therefore, countless friends, colleagues and fans have shared their condolences following the news of his passing.

“WIP lost one of its best people and this city lost one of its cherished, most talented entertainers,” show host Angelo Cataldi said to start his Thursday morning show. “We all here at WIP are devastated by the news.”

Dave Uram, who produced Graham’s radio show on WIP from September 2013 to 2015, also shared his condolences and admiration following his passing.

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Neil Hartman was a former colleague of Big Daddy Graham and they became close friends. Neil describes Graham as “one of a kind”.

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